Abandoned Britain

Simon Sugden



ISBN: 9781398110977

PUBLICATION DATE: October 18, 2022

CATEGORY: Amberley Publishing, Country Houses, Art and History

BINDING: Paperback


In this collection of extraordinary photographs, photographer Simon Sugden has brought to light the beauty of abandoned buildings and other sites no longer home to the activity of people. These buildings and places have been left empty, often to gently decay and rot, but a ghostly presence of their previous life remains. The buildings range from mills, mines, factories and other industrial features, farmhouses and fairgrounds to hospitals, asylums, places of entertainment and religious buildings. Sometimes we find boats, cars and aircraft left behind and rotting in the landscapes. Nature is reclaiming many, others seem almost untouched by their disuse but all have a new kind of beauty.

Look through Abandoned Britain and you will discover the unique beauty that photographer Simon Sugden has found in deserted buildings and other structures around Britain.