Nick Weston

Nick Weston is a hunter, forager, fisherman and chef from Sussex in the UK. He left London after three years working as a freelance chef in the events industry and built a treehouse in a quiet Sussex wood from recycled and natural materials. For the following six months, he lived in the woods completely off-grid to gain a better understanding of how to use wild ingrediants by foraging, fishing and hunting for all his ingrediants, supplemented by a few basic larder staples and a small vegetable patch. This provided him with a rich, varied diet and self-sufficient lifestyle, which would go on to form the ethos of Hunter, Gather, Cook.

Hunter Gather Cook was established in 2011 with the vision to create a foraging and cookery school that blended a mixture of foraging, game butchery and fire cookery with an emphasis on creating high-end dishes using wild produce. Eight years on, and many courses later, Hunter Gather Cook has passed on their knowledge and skills to thousands of people with a passion for wild food and fire.