Woodcock Fieldcraft and Quarry

Woodcock Fieldcraft and Quarry

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The complete roughshooter's guide to woodcock fieldcraft and quarry.


Woodcock Fieldcraft and Quarry is not just a book about shooting, but also takes a comprehensive look at, and contains a contemporary discussion on this fascinating species, drawing upon the advances in scientific research to reflect population numbers, migration and the effects of climate change. It is a beautifully illustrated roughshooter's guide, with stunning photographs, looking at the responsible approach to shooting woodcock. Not only will you will learn about the woodcock today, it's natural history, migration, fieldcraft and woodcock shooting, tools for the job and future woodock, but there are also a handful of recipes included for you to bring from field to table, such as cockbean smoking and peacock soup.


Professor Colin Trotman is a lifelong educator and field sportsman and the accepted UK and European authority on woodcock. He is a passionate hunter of woodcock and also a keen roughshooter and fly fisherman. A member of the Wetlands International Snipe and Woodcock Group, he has shot woodcock all over the British Isles and Europe.

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ISBN 9781846890529
Author Professor Colin Trotman
Binding Hardback
Extent 176 pages, 246 x 189mm
Illustrations Colour photographs throughout
Ebook No

"A masterpiece for anyone seeking to find out more about the birds, habitat and the special place they hold in many shooters' heart.  Contains a strong emphasis on conservation and natural history with the latest research findings distilled into the text." Gamewise

"The one bird which fascinates the fieldsportsman more than any other, the woodcock here comes under the microscope of the UK's leading authority, Professor Colin Trotman. This is literally all-embracing covering everything from the science to the sport and the table". Fieldsports

"Professor Colin Trotman is a champion of the woodcock, placing as much emphasis on the species and its behaviour and habitat as he does on hunting the birds. Their migration patterns and the fieldcraft needed to hunt them, therefore, take equal precedence. An intelligent chapter on cooking and eating woodcock is evidence of this rounded approach. Woodcock are one of our most exciting and mysterious of the gamebirds we pursue but the quest is often jealously guarded. Trotman understands that the future of this exceptional bird depends on bringing younger people into the sport. For those who haven't experienced woodcock first hand, this book is invaluable. Illustrated throughout, it combines science and sport to produce a useful insight. 'The woodcock is much revered and held in high esteem across the nations of Europe,' says Trotman. After reading this book, you'll see why." The Field

"Colin Trotman's new book on our most mysterious quarry really is a masterpiece for anyone seeking to find out more about the birds, their habits and the special place they hold in many shooters' hearts. With a strong emphasis on conservation and natural history and a great deal of the latest research findings distilled into the text, there is an enormous amount of knowledge in this fine book. Take, for example, the evidence Colin presents of the bird's ability to dress its own injuries with mud and feathers. This is fascinating stuff for those who want to know what it is about woodcock - and shooting them - that makes them so special. A fantastic addition to the bookshelf of any keen woodcock shooter." Shooting Times

"Professor Colin Trotman is an accepted authority on woodcock and is a passionate hunter of the species. This book covers shooting, scientific research and contains a roughshooter's guide to finding good woodcock shooting". NGO Keeping the Balance

"Colin Trotman is a woodcock shooting enthusiast who has spent his life learning about these birds. The result of this experience is an insightful book about woodcock conservation and shooting which will broaden any shooter's knowledge about the subject. The book contains fascinating and detailed information on woodcock natural history, migration and their status today. The book has plenty to offer those wanting practical knowledge on how to hunt and prepare woodcock, as well as what information can be gathered from shot birds and the importance of sharing that knowledge in order to justify our privilege to shoot them. This book is well-written, interesting and encouraging." BASC Shooting and Conservation

"... A book that is just as much about shooting the woodcock as it is a study of their migratory habits, WFQ appreciates its subject matter to the hilt, hunting rather than just shooting the species an important theme throughout. The book isn't just about pulling the trigger either, in the chapter entitled 'From Field to Table', Mark Hinge offers a fine selection of woodcock recipes to tempt your taste buds". Shooting Gazette

"Considering its unique sporting value very little is known about woodcock. However here's an author able to fill these gaps with his extensive experience of the bird - an experience gained through studying and shooting 'cock both here, and on the continent. The book covers natural history and migration, topics which he strengthens with scientific reference and photographs. And his sound advice on gundogs, guns and suitable cartridges will certainly prepare you for an elusive 'right and left' should the opportunity arise! Colin includes seven delightful - and easy to follow - recipes to try and the final chapter predicts the future of woodcock covering the main threat of habitat loss, climate change and over-exploitation. This enlightening book will definitely help sportsmen find a greater interest and learn more about this fascinating quarry species". Sporting Gun

"Think of woodcock and Professor Trotman immediately comes to mind, so it's no surprise that this book is a real gem...This book takes a comprehensive look at this fascinating species, and draws upon scientific research to reflect population numbers, the famed autumn migration and the effects of climate change on this wonderful little game bird. Woodcock: Fieldcraft and Quarry is also a complete rough shooters' guide to finding good 'cock shooting, and also includes many tips of the trade and fieldcraft techniques. Dog work is covered using the springer spaniel, as well as recommended guns and suitable cartridges for specialist woodcock shooting. The book closes with an in-depth look at the future for this most sporting of species, which is often just an incidental for many shots but regarded as the game bird Mecca for many more purist enthusiasts". Sporting Rifle

"This easily navigated and well researched book contains individual chapters including migration patterns and how to cook the birds... Drawing on many decades of Prof Trotman's own hard-won experiences and contacts from right around the shooting world, the beautifully illustrated pages really bring the sport to life... Woodcock Fieldcraft and Quarry makes a fine introduction to the fascinating world of the elusive woodcock. One for the hunter's bookshelf? In my view a big yes". Scottish Gamekeeper

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