Jamie Blackett visits Wigtown Book Festival

Posted on 12/07/2019 in Author news

Jamie Blackett – Red Rag to a Bull and The Enigma of Kidson

Jamie Blackett will be taking part at the Wigtown Book Festival on Tuesday 1 October 2019. For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit: www.wigtownbookfestival.com

Just some of the favourable reviews  that Jamie has received:

‘Jamie Blackett’s new book is a bracing breath of Borders air. Not an angry caricature nor a blinkered polemic, Blackett has delivered something else entirely. And something rather valuable… Funny, well-considered and engagingly written, Blackett’s book is one that encapsulates a moment in time.’ — Alexandra Henton, The Field

‘A brilliant, enlightening and amusing book … it should be read by politicians, bureaucrats, ramblers, wildlife-lovers, townies, blow-ins and bumpkins like me. What a read!’ — Robin Page

‘If you enjoyed Dear Lupin you will love this book’  Country Life 

‘A celebration of the maverick but utterly inspiring Eton master who taught everyone from Cameron to the Archbishop of Canterbury… We all need mentors in life and for many of us that was Michael. It is almost impossible to fix a comma into a sentence, or frame an insult, or pronounce a word without him hovering at the back of our minds: pernickety things like that mask the bigger truth, that he was a rock to us all.’  Daily Mail

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