Think Like a Pony Foundation Book

Think Like a Pony Foundation Book

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The first book in a major new series, to help children and parents understand pony behaviour.


Think Like a Pony explains for the world from a pony's point of view. It tells you how the ponies think, why they act the way they do and what is important to them. It forms the basis for understanding how a pony can become safe to be with, safe to handle, safe to ride and a willing friend and partner in anything you do. Think Like a Pony is written for pony-mad children and their parents. By reading this book, they can learn together and enjoy the fascinating journey of understanding pony behaviour. Importantly,

Think Like a Pony is the foundation for future books in this series. Through understanding the concepts explained in this book, children and parents will have the knowledge to start learning from the forthcoming three work books called Think Like a Pony On the Ground which cover handling skills, and Think Like a Pony In the Saddle, dealing with all aspects of riding. 


Lynn Henry is a gifted riding teacher and registered Equine Ethology instructor, living in West Yorkshire. A dedicated senior school teacher before leaving to bring up her family of three boys and a girl, Lynn has a lifelong passion for teaching and particularly the teaching of children. She has dedicated fourteen years to horse psychology, with particular emphasis on building a strong foundation on which to develop a better understanding, harmony and friendship between pony and pupil.

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Sub Heading Foundation Book. Foreword by Carl Hester
ISBN 9781905693092
Author Lynn Henry
Binding Paperback
Extent 240 x 185 mm, 80 pages
Illustrations Colour drawings throughout
Ebook No

"This book is a great way for pony-mad kids (and their parents) to learn to understand the way ponies think and why they behave as they do. The book has backing from top dressage rider Carl Hester, who stresses how important it is to know how to work with horses and ponies in a safe way." Horse and Pony

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