The Pony Lover's Joke Book

The Pony Lover's Joke Book

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An ideal gift for any horsey friend of relative.


"How many horses does it take to change a light bulb?

  • Warmblood: Light bulb? What lightbulb?
  • Thoroughbred: Oh no, not a light bulb gone! How terrifying! Why do you have to scare me like that!
  • Dales: Just me of course, and I'll rewire the stable block at the same time.
  • Suffolk Punch: You didn't eat it. I breathed on it and it broke.
  • Hanoverian: How DARE that light bulb go! How DARE you ask me to change it! OH! (Flounces off).
  • Welsh Cob: Don't change it. If it's dark no one will see me raid the feed bins."

Laughter is good for you, doctors say. So for anyone who has ever owned, bred, ridden, lived with, loved or even hated horses, here are over 400 gags guaranteed to have you laughing you head off and feeling terrific, no matter how bad a ride you've had that day. Beautifully illustrated throughout by equine artist, Dianne Breeze (illustrator of Stable Stereotypes ISBN 978-1-905693-33-7, published in 2010), this is the perfect gift for any horsey friend or relative (or even yourself!).


Canadian born Suzan St Maur has lived in the UK since childhood. After an early career in journalism on a local newspaper, she transferred her allegiances to advertising and later became a highly successful scriptwriter in television and live events. Her previous books for Kenilworth Press include The Horse Lover's Joke Book.

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Sub Heading No
ISBN 9781905693382
Author Suzan St Maur
Binding Paperback
Extent 210 x 135mm, 96 pages
Illustrations Black & white illustrations throughout
Ebook Yes via your usual supplier

'This hilarious joke book is a compilation of witty one-liners and clever stories.  We defy anyone to fail to relate the stories and anecdotes to their own horsey experiences.  Guaranteed to keep you laughing until the end.  The Pony Lover's Joke Book is suitable for all ages and will no doubt brighten your day.'  Horse

'This book could be the perfect antidote to the effects of our wet July with jokes and witty, light-hearted alternatives to horsey terms.  I absolutely guarantee you will laugh your way through this little yellow book.'  Essex Rider

'The Pony Lover's Joke Book is perfect for the young and young at heart who appreciate a horsey giggle.  Published by Kenilworth Press, the bright yellow covered paperback by Suzan St Maur is a welcome sequel to The Horse Lover's Joke Book.'  The Equestrian

'Complemented by some entertaining illustrations, this fun book is a perfect gift for pony lovers of all ages.  What's more, anyone involved with ponies is sure to enjoy a good chuckle at the author's take on matters such as Essential Pony Know-How for Non-horsey Parents; Top 10 Spook Inducers and Signs your Dressage Needs a Bit More Work!'  Chiltern & Thames Rider

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