The Patterdale Terrier

The Patterdale Terrier

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Patterdale terriers


This book is a detailed study of the Patterdale terrier which covers everything the owner, or prospective owner, needs to know, from the history of the breed, through working, breeding, health training and showing to the suitability of this breed as a family pet. It is a book which deals with far more than the dogs themselves; the people responsible for the creation and development of Patterdales are also discussed, giving the reader a rare insight into the fascinating characters who have created and used this breed for pest control among the harsh northern landscape.

The book is based entirely on the experience of real terriermen and terrier breeders who have sought to breed this most useful of earth dogs, while at the same time producing a charming companion for the whole family.
The book features chapters on:

  • The Original Patterdale
  • Origins of Modern Patterdales
  • The Modern Patterdale
  • Patterdales and Shows
  • Patterdales and Family
  • Common Ailments and Injuries
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Sub Heading No
ISBN 9781904057574
Author Sean Frain
Binding Paperback
Extent 218 x 150mm, 214 pages
Illustrations Black and white photographs
Ebook No

"The book is a worthy addition to the family library, every potential buyer should read it before making a purchase." Countryman's Weekly
"This is a highly useful book, which could provide terrier enthusiasts with some interesting information and nifty tips."  Shooting Gazette
"...Overall a very good read, good value for money and to anyone considering buying a Patterdale it would be an excellent grounding." Dog Training Weekly
"Highly recommended by The Patterdale Terrier Club of America as a must have for all owners." The Patterdale Club of America

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