The Deer Stalking Handbook Third Edition

The Deer Stalking Handbook Third Edition

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Here is a book to which both amateur and experienced deer hunter will want to refer to time and time again.



Deer stalking is widely regarded as the fastest growing sector within shooting sports in Britain today. Those who stalk deer for sport recognise and appreciate the exciting challenge that comes from hunting a wild and wary quarry, moreover, they enjoy the opportunity to participate in a sport that can take them to some of Britain's wildest and most beautiful places, from the hushed calm of an ancient English forest at dawn to the magnificence of the Scottish hill. Successful stalking, however, demands a high level of knowledge and skill. Much of this can only be learned through long hours of apprenticeship and experience. This book provides a basic grounding in the principles which the newcomer to the sport needs to know in order to enjoy a safe, successful and responsible stalking career.

The author explains the history, background and rationale behind deer stalking in the UK, covers the choice of stalking rifles, optics, ammunition and accessories, and deals with the all-important issue of safety. The law related to firearms and deer is covered in detail, together with guidance on firearm security in the home and when travelling, while the natural history of Britain's six species of wild deer is described, with notes and illustrations to assist with recognition.

Stalking tactics are discussed and explained from the perspective both of the stalking guest who is accompanied by a professional guide and of the more experienced hunter whose responsibility it is to plan and execute a woodland stalking outing on his own. Finally, the book deals with what the stalker must do should his day meet with success, from the gralloch and preparation of the carcass for the game dealer, through to butchering for the home kitchen. Here is a book to which the amateur deer hunter will want to refer to time and time again.


Graham Downing has shot since his early teens and has stalked throughout Britain and Europe, and in Africa. He controls fallow and muntjac deer in Essex and Suffolk. He stalks woodland roe and makes regular visits to Scotland to stalk red deer. He is a frequent contributor to The Field, Shooting Gazette and Shooting Times & Country Magazine, and is editor of the British Deer Society's journal Deer.

His other books include The Fields in Winter (David and Charles 1990), Shooting for Beginners (Swan Hill Press 1996), A Sporting Century (Quiller 2008) and Practical Woodland Stalking (Quiller 2010). He is a Vice President of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, a council member of the British Shooting Sports Council and Shooting Consultant to the Countryside Alliance.

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'Updated to take in recent legislation, this is the book that every novice stalker should read. The wisdom accumulated over many years both on the hill and in woodland is distilled into a deceptively slim volume. Clear, concise and comprehensive, it covers every aspect of the sport without becoming bogged down in needless detail. It is essential reading for anyone contemplating taking DSC1.' — BASC, Shooting & Conservation

'The book is invaluable for the novice hunter. Consider the text a solid primer in deer hunting that comprehensively covers all aspects of the hunt, from rifle selection and tracking a shot deer to cooking the venison. It is an accomplished hunting book written in a concise 'matter of fact' manner. The author has the utmost respect for the quarry and possesses an unrivalled knowledge on the subject matter.' Pursuit International

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