The Balanced Horse

The Balanced Horse

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A new inspirational dressage book from Sylvia Loch based on her training methods which concentrates on a balanced seat and quiet aiding


'The object of Dressage is the harmonious development of the physique and ability of the horse. As a result it makes the horse calm, supple, loose and flexible, but also confident, attentive and keen, thus achieving perfect understanding with his rider.'

Inspired by the time-honoured traditions of the Classical World, Sylvia's desire to protect the horse is reflected in her training methods, which concentrate on a balanced seat and quiet aiding. She abhors the use of force and gadgetry in the schooling of horses and believes that Classical riding is the best way forward for all the disciplines. The Language of the Aids is not as well understood today as it should be and it seems that it is frequently forgotten or fragmented, and it will be the horse that suffers most when this happens. Incorrect aiding can have a very adverse effect.

The aim of The Balanced Horse is to confirm in people's minds what they should be doing for each and every request, and what they must avoid. Every instruction is based on what the horse needs to feel – at that moment in time. Each aid is based on the psychological and physiological effect placed on that sensitive animal underneath us. Over time, applying each aid correctly can elicit a response as instant and involuntary as the knee jerk reaction in our own.

The indoor photographs were taken at the recently restored and magnificent nineteenth century indoor riding school at Ladykirk in the Scottish Borders.


Sylvia Loch discovered classical High School riding in Portugal. In 1984 she founded the Lusitano Breed Society of Great Britain and was awarded an Honorary Instructorship by the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art. She trained with a Former First Chief Rider of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna and founded The Classical Riding Club in 1995.

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Sub Heading The Aids by Feel, Not Force
ISBN 9781905693856
Author Sylvia Loch
Binding Hardback
Extent 246 x 189 mm, 224 pages
Illustrations Colour photographs throughout
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'Sylvia Loch has written much about the art of dressage and the Iberian breeds. Indeed her book 'The Royal Horse of Europe' is perhaps the most definitive work on the Iberian horse. 'The Balanced Horse' is another well written book from the Loch stable. It is a book about communication -communication between horse and rider using a clear dialogue of subtle, almost invisible aids of the seat, leg and hand. But the author has used her communication skills one step further to convey this knowledge to the reader in, as Carl Hester says in his foreword, "a user-friendly way that will help any rider at any level". This is a book, not only for the rider, but riding teachers and judges would also benefit from the advice it contains.' Patrick Print

'In her new book, The Balanced Horse, author Sylvia Loch...confirms what equestrians should be doing and what they should avoid when it comes to each and every request they give their horse. Intended for those seeking the elusive art of riding versus competing, this valuable resource will help equestrians develop a better relationship with their horses.' Dressage Today

'Renown in the classical world for her teaching, this book continues the marvelous work Sylvia has done bringing her love for the Iberian breeds and her steadfast belief that the language of the aids should be more thoroughly all who are prepared to take the time it really does take to produce a horse which can be ridden in the lightest and most harmonious way.' Wendy Parsons, Essex Rider Monthly

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