Sport in Wildest Britain

Sport in Wildest Britain

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Seasonal Offer – Still deemed one of the best books on sport ever written by a British sportsman, Hesketh Prichard, a remarkable Edwardian sportsman – whose descriptive skill with the pen has never been eclipsed.


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Originally released just before Hesketh Prichard's death in 1922, Sport in Wildest Britain quickly sold out, as did the subsequent second edition. Since then nearly 90 years have elapsed and the book is still deemed one of the best books on sport ever written by a British sportsman - whose descriptive skill with the pen has never been eclipsed. Copies have become increasingly hard to find, and this, coupled with a chance meeting between another sporting author, Peter Carr, and Hesketh Prichard's great-grandson Charlie Jacoby, set into motion an idea that resulted in this, the third edition. It has an additional modern perspective added to each chapter by Peter Carr, plus four new chapters on species not covered in the original. This new edition will no doubt set the benchmark for modern sporting writers, and is a must-have for everyone who likes to pursue wild quarry in wild places with shotgun or rifle. 


Hesketh Prichard was a proflic author of many genres but his last book, Sport in Wildest Britain, has been applauded by many notables as his best work. Prichard was a remarkable Edwardian sportsman with many achievements packed into his short lifetime. He was a respected explorer, one of England's best bowlers, a decorated soldier, but above all a proficient and dedicated hunter who excelled with both shotgun and rifle. His articles in the Cornhill and The Field magazines were well received, and his book Hunting Camps in Wood and Wilderness declared best of the season. His flair for describing the nature about him and the excitement of the chase has never been bettered.

Peter Carr is one of the few writers on the current sporting circuit who comes anywhere near to challenging Prichard's prose. His eye for descriptive detail, shared thrill of the chase, and passion for nature and ethical shooting practices are from the same mould as the Edwardian adventurer. His articles in the fieldsports press have always been well received and though often controversial, are always sporting. His first book, The British Deerstalking Bible, quickly sold out and is now in its second edition.


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Sub Heading A Modern Perspective
ISBN 9781910247150
Author Hesketh Prichard & Peter Carr
Binding Laminated board
Extent 360 pages
Illustrations Colour throughout
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