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Irish Rise

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The essence of Irish Rise is about wild fishing with a fly rod. The author begins with his early days fishing on a humble tributary of the River Thames where he learnt the art of fishing. He concludes with fishing the majestic and wide open spaces of the limestone loughs of Ireland. Along the way he describes fishing in the wilds of Scotland and he portrays in words and photographs the magnificence of his surroundings in these remote areas. As well as fishing reminiscences, there are topical thoughts and observations about conservation of wild stock, the effects of angler pressure ad a chapter on favourite flies.

Irish Rise follows the author's physical and emotional journey. Fishing alone or with friends, he mixes his love of fish, with an equally strong bond for the world they inhabit. Days in leaky, unsound boats, encounters with wild goats and sightings of notable birds intertwine with memorable catches and observations on conservation of trout. This book will appeal to fishermen everywhere and as well as taking the reader to both well-known and lesser known spots, it will inspire and teach anglers old and new.


Dennis Moss spent most if his working career in the fishing tackle trade and has devoted much of his spare time to boat fishing on large stillwaters in England and Ireland as well as occasional visits to mainland Scotland and the Outer Hebrides. On retirement, Dennis moved to be near the Irish loughs he loves so much and he now lives in County Galway on the shores of Lough Corrib.

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Sub Heading Reflections by Lough and Stream
ISBN 9781846890918
Author Dennis Moss
Binding Hardback
Extent 246 x 189mm, 288 pages
Illustrations Colour throughout
Ebook No

"Fred Buller once suggested that when reviewing a book one should ask oneself whether it is accurate, lucid,original and entertaining.  To these, and because the publisher's contribution to any book is important to potential purchasers, too, I would add 'is it nicely produced, a pleasure to have and to hold?  And is it realistically priced?'  When applied to Dennis Moss's book, Irish Rise, the answer to each of these questions is an unequivocal, 'yes'...  The more one reads (and I truly could not put it down), the more evident does it become that it has its foundations in a lifetime of piscatorial questioning, observation, thought and analysis - all those things that set the consistently successful fly fisher apart from those who approach their sport more casually...  Written in a clear, coherent and thoroughly readable style, Irish Rise challenges the best of the other books I have read on fishing in Ireland, of which there have been a fair few... the paper, print and binding are all handsome, doing full justice to what is clearly a labour of love.  At £25, it represents excellent value, and I believe it will prove as engaging for those who fish in England and Scotland as for those who go in pursuit of Irish trout."  Flyfishers Journal

"One of the most enjoyable and informative books to arrive on our shelves this Christmas... What intrigued me most about the book was his ability to chronicle and set the scene before, during and after each angling trip (and there are many trips) in this 286-page publication. Moss is a fine writer. He is also a brilliant angler...This book is a must for all anglers, experienced or otherwise. It's a gem to treasure". Irish Times

"...I read it in three sittings... It is not difficult to imagine that even though he often fishes with a boat partner, regardless of the physical presence, he fishes alone, such is the intensity of thought and application to the job in hand, that of seeking out - preferably - big trout. Don't let stories of big trout put you off, each has it's place and fits into the narrative extremely well... A truly excellent read". Flydresser

"As if the text were not enough, the book itself is beautifully produced by Quiller Publishing and generously illustrated with excellent, evocative colour photographs. Care has been taken in the placing of these pictures and they invariably have some relevance to the adjacent pages... Irish Rise (spot the pun?), for various reasons, has a special appeal for me and is the most enjoyable book of its type I've come across for many a year. Anyone, however, who loves books and who has an interest in game-fishing will want to have a copy on the shelf". Trout & Salmon

"The author reflects on a long and fascinating fly fishing career, which began on a humble tributary of the Thames. It went on to take in the wilds of Scotland and Ireland, where he now lives in retirement by Lough Corrib. Will appeal to anyone who casts fly". Fieldsports

"This book will appeal to all those who love fishing in wild places, of which Ireland still has considerable numbers... In this book he takes us on a tour of places which have played an important role in his angling life, leading up to his experiences on our great limestone loughs... Definitely one for your angling library". Irish Angler

"A splendid book arrived on my breakfast table this week... I can think of no better way for armchair anglers and those not housebound by the ice and snow to take the sting out of the harsh weather... He tells of incidents that occurred years ago as though they were only yesterday and once you pick up this book you will find it hard to put it down; you will often feel that you are in the boat with him and his favourite spaniel Tim". Farming Life

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