Real Riding: How to Ride in Harmony with Horses

Real Riding: How to Ride in Harmony with Horses

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Ever dreamed of getting great results with horses and wondered how. Whether you own your own horse or not, whether you compete or simply ride for pleasure, this book will give you the skills and attitude to make dramatic progress in your riding.


Real Riding offers exciting new ways to approach traditional and natural principles of horsemanship. The emphasis throughout is on employing empathy and understanding and looking at things from the horse's point of view. It sheds new light on common misconceptions, difficulties and contradictions, and the pages are crammed with exercises, simple 'tricks' and things to do that can make a real difference.

Innovative, thought-provoking and fun, this book can be read from cover to cover or dipped into, always to find some priceless insight into an aspect of horsemanship. Perry Wood puts harmony with horses within the grasp of every rider and brings the art of riding into the twenty-first century.

'If I could prop it between my horse's ears to refer to whilst riding this would be a bonus'.

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Sub Heading Unlock your riding potential and acquire the real skills of horsemanship
ISBN 9781872119519
Author Perry Wood
Binding Paperback
Extent 250 x 190mm, 208 pages
Illustrations No
Ebook Yes through your usual supplier
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