Vivian Høxbro has worked as a knitwear designer for over 35 years, both self-employed and for yarn companies. She has written 12 knitting books, some of which have been published in Norway, Japan, and the USA— including Traditional Danish Sweaters, published in 2019 by Trafalgar Square Books. Since then, she has taught and given lectures in Scandinavia, as well as in the USA and Japan, and is working to make Denmark’s first knitting museum in Stubbekøbing a reality. Vivian currently resides in Stubbekøbing, Sweden.

Visconte Simon Cocozza was born in Italy and educated in England. The family passion for horses inspired him to study for the BHSAI, followed by the Instructor training of the Advanced National Certificate in Equine Business Management at Warwickshire College of Equine Studies. This led to many years as a professional trainer contracted to some of England’s large equestrian centres. After returning to mainland Europe, Simon studied with some wonderful mentors and became driven to overcome the limits set by the horse industry on horses, and to discover the unifying principles behind Greek, Roman, and the Renaissance school of equestrian art to find ways of helping each and every horse be as healthy, happy and useful as can be. From his stable in Normandy, France, Simon became the first non-French national to obtain the Brevet Professionnel and become a trainer and examiner for the La Fédération Française d’Equitation (FFE). He now coaches biomechanically sound training techniques internationally.

Wenche Roald learned to knit at the age of five. She originally worked in systems development, but with her love of needles and yarn and an endless well of creativity, she gradually turned knitting and knit design from a cherished hobby into a full-time career.

VIVIAN HØXBRO is well-known among knitters both in Denmark and abroad as a teacher, lecturer, presenter, and pattern expert. She has over 30 years of experience with knitwear design, both for yarn companies and as a freelancer.

Will Garfit was born in 1944 in Cambridgeshire where he still lives. He developed an award winning (Laurent Perrier, 1988 – now the Purdey Award) site of old gravel workings for wildlife and game which became the subject of a book Will’s Shoot in 1993, later as Will’s Shoot Revisited in 2005. He is well known to readers of the Shooting Gazette for whom he has written a monthly column on pigeon shooting since 1994. As a sporting artist he has been an exhibitor at the Tryon Gallery since 1981 and an illustrator of over thirty shooting and country sports books. He has appeared in the Top Ten Shots in various magazines and has sat on the Countryside Alliance Conservation and BASC Game Shooting committees.

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