Tom Quinn has written a number of books about the history of the English countryside as well as books on fishing, eccentrics, long walks, railways, early aviation and the First World War. He is the author of BB Remembered, the life of children’s author and illustrator Denys Watkins-Pitchford (better known as BB), The World’s Greatest Shooting Stories, Heaven upon Earth, and Collecting Fishing Tackle, all of which were published by Quiller. A keen walker and fisherman he is also the author of Backstairs Billy, a life of the Queen Mother’s favourite page, William Tallon. He writes occasional obituaries for The Times and has edited a number of magazines including The Countryman.

Tom Payne has shot since the age of 8 and shot his first individual pigeon bag at 13 where pigeon shooting became his main passion. After graduating from RAC Cirencester, Tom worked as a professional pigeon Shot and sporting agent. In 2007 he joined the West London Shooting School as a full-time game shooting instructor. After leaving West London Shooting School, Tom became a private game shooting instructor and specialist gun fitter for many gun companies and private clients from around the world. He is now recognised as one of the top pigeon and game Shots of his generation and regularly features in both Fieldsports magazine, the Shooting Times and The Field top shot lists.

Tove Fevang has been crocheting since she was a child. She is known for her work in the areas of quilting, appliqué, embroidery and crochet, and is consistently admired for her sense of colour and stylish patterns. She started her own craft design company, IdeStuen, in 1985 and is also highly regarded as a course instructor. Tove lives in Asker, about 20 miles outside Oslo, Norway.

Vanessa Bee is the founder of the International Horse Agility Club ( With a training facility in England and her own method known as Positive Horsemanship, she specialises in building relationships between the horse and the handler from the ground up. Vanessa has been around horses most of her life, working in racing stables, then driving competitively in her early twenties when she was given an “unrideable” racehorse as a wedding present. She soon discovered that there are many ways of teaching horsemanship. Vanessa developed a series of courses that teach people of all abilities to achieve a positive relationship with their horse. By creating the ‘Club’, she provided a social and competitive outlet for those relationships to grow. Her previous titles include 3-Minute Horsemanship (JA Allen).

Tony Hall (1944-2015) wrote Falconry Basics in 2003 as guide for anyone, including those with no experience at all of the countryside and field sports, to the noble art of falconry . After encountering his first hawks as a teenager, Tony came back to the sport later in life, fulfilling his ambition to become a falconer and pursue his passion for flying hawks. He was editor of the British Hawking Association’s journals, and became a champion for creating access to the sport of falconry for anyone. He wanted others to experience the unique partnership of falconer and hawk and the connection with nature which that can bring.

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