The Working Springer Spaniel

Keith Erlandson


(Not yet published)

ISBN: 9781846893766

PUBLICATION DATE: March 14, 2023

CATEGORY: Dogs, Labradors and Spaniels

BINDING: Paperback


Illustrated with 16 pages of photographs, The Working Springer Spaniel includes individual chapters on the origins of the springer; obtaining a spaniels puppy; hip and eye tests; pre-training procedures; training equipment; dogging guns and ammunition; early obedience lessons; steadiness to dummies and introduction to retrieving; introducing the gun; retrieving real game; hunting and steadiness to game; a breakdown of game scent; dropping to shot; blind retrieves; jumping; water work; walking to heal; artificial lines; punishment; soft and hard mouths; the principles and practicalities of breeding; field trials in Britain, USA, Canada, and Europe; the working cocker; woodcock and cocking spaniels.

The book is essential reading for anyone who owns or is thinking of owning a working springer or cocker spaniel.