Spring Creek Strategies

Hatches, Patterns and Techniques

Mike Heck

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ISBN: 9780979346040

PUBLICATION DATE: September 24, 2009


BINDING: Hardback

EXTENT: 176 pages

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Spring creeks, those rare waters that flow right out of the earth are both a blessing and a curse for anglers. They are a blessing because the clear, cold, nutrient-rich waters grow abundant insects, which in turn grow and sustain large populations of healthy trout. They flow free of ice in the winter and run cool during the hottest parts of summer, providing year-round angling. In many ways, this bounty becomes a curse, because the abundance and steady supply of food can spoil the trout, making them less likely to take a piece of fluff and feathers. Many spring creeks are also small, their challenges enhanced by weed-choked runs and tricky currents.

Mike Heck, expert fly tier and guide from southcentral Pennsylvania, the cradle of American spring-creek country, shares the tactics and techniques he teaches his clients to catch these tough trout. Heck includes his top fly patterns, tips on matching the major hatches of Tricos, Baetis, and Sulphurs (PMDs), and his thoughts on stealth and presentation. Whether you fish Letort Spring Run in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, or DePuy's Spring Creek in Livingston, Montana, Heck's Spring Creek Strategies will help you become a more successful angler.

  • Strategies for selective trout in clear water
  • New patterns designed for spring creeks and how to fish them
  • Simple explanations of the major hatches on spring creeks across the US

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