Spey Flies

How to Tie Them

Bob Veverka



ISBN: 9780811715003

PUBLICATION DATE: January 15, 2015

CATEGORY: Fishing, Fly Tying

BINDING: Paperback

EXTENT: 168 pages

Elegant and graceful, Spey flies originated on the River Spey in northeastern Scotland and are well over 150 years old. Author Bob Veverka gives the history and background on classic Spey, Dee, Don, Eagle, and Steelhead Spey patterns, including step-by-step tying instructions. 

  • Tying instructions and step-by-step photos for the Lady Caroline Spey fly, White-Winged Akroyd Dee fly, and Orange Heron steelhead Spey fly.
  • Exquisite colour plates and patterns for 167 flies tied by Syd Glasso, Walt Johnson, Joe Howell, Brad Burden, Paul Rossman, Bob Warren, Rick Whorwood and Steve Gobbin.
  • How to choose the best hooks, thread, materials, feathers, and instructions for making the Spey Flies' signature small heads.  

Meet the author Bob Veverka

Bob Veverka is a well-known fly tier and fly fisherman who designed several noteworthy Spey patterns, including the Purple Heart Spey, Scarlet Eagle, and Copper Heron. He also provided flies for Trey Combs’s classic book Steelhead. He lives in Vermont, USA.