Smoking Food at Home with Smoky Jo

Hot Smoking and Cold Smoking; Different Types of Smokers; Smoking Using a Wok, A Filing Cabinet, Wardrobe of Shed; Recipes; Brines, Herbs and Spices; Wood Varieties; Food Safety

Jo Hampson



ISBN: 9781846892349


CATEGORY: Food and Drink

BINDING: Paperback

EXTENT: 176 pages

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Let Smoky Jo and Smoky Georgina guide you through their easy-to-follow and informative book. The authors, owners of the highly regarded food smoking school, Smoky Jo's are masters of their craft and have removed the mystery and imparted the fun into smoking food.

Whilst still being aimed at the novice or the professional smoker alike, in this second edition of their book, the authors push back the boundaries of smoking food, opening up an exciting world of possibilities and culinary delights. With up to date information on food smoking, food safety, new smokers and smoking accessories they encourage the reader to have fun, to experiment and to smoke the usual, the unusual and the extraordinary.
In their new chapter they will have you smoking everything from flour and tomatoes to asparagus and chocolate. No other book on smoking food will encourage you to tantalise the taste buds in the way that Smoking Food at Home with Smoky Jo will.

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Meet the author Jo Hampson

Jo Hampson, along with Georgina Perkins, has worked as a consultant for established and new commercial smokehouses both in the UK and abroad. She been featured on BBC’s The One Show; ITV’s This Morning; and the Great British Taste Tour.