Shooting Sporting Clays

Mark Brannon



ISBN: 9780811706186

PUBLICATION DATE: February 9, 2011

CATEGORY: Management and Instruction

BINDING: Hardback

EXTENT: 176 pages

Provides the reader all he or she needs to begin ... learning the art of shooting a shotgun proficiently. --Shotgun Sports Review Foreword by Anthony I. Matarese Jr., 14-time NSCA All-American 15 basic target types and strategies for breaking them Gun swing and speed for the 3 main swing types: swing-through, sustained lead, and pull-away How to choose a pump gun, autoloader, side-by-side, or over-and-under, and check weight, balance, and fit Correct stance for the target speed and trajectory Understanding lead How to fix common mistakes, including lifting your head and stopping or slowing the gun as you shoot Practicing on skeet and 5-stand courses and preparing for competition