Ranch Roping

The Complete Guide To A Classic Cowboy Skill

Buck Brannaman, A. J. Mangum



ISBN: 9781599214474

PUBLICATION DATE: January 13, 2009

CATEGORY: Equestrian Biographies

BINDING: Paperback / softback

EXTENT: 144 pages

Ranch roping is at the heart of all ranch work, and unlike the rodeo variation of calf roping, the "vacquero" tradition calls for techniques that result in a skillful and graceful throw and catch. Buck Brannaman, a world-renowned master of the art, describes the essential tools, the partnership between horse and rider (incorporating the Natural Horsemanship approach for which the author is famous), and the mechanics needed to become a successful ranch roper, whether in competition or in actual cattle work. One-hundred full-color photographs of Buck in action enhance the step-by-step methodology that leads to mastering this essential Western skill. Whether you ride or rope or just wish you could, here's a book for everyone who is captivated by Western traditions and contemporary life.

Meet the author Buck Brannaman

BUCK BRANNAMAN is the widely respected horse gentler whose approach has inspired and revolutionized the equestrian world. When not traveling on his busy clinic schedule, he lives with his wife, Mary, and their three daughters in Sheridan, Wyoming.

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