Kayaking with Eric Jackson

Rolling and Bracing

Eric Jackson



ISBN: 9780811716734

PUBLICATION DATE: January 15, 2016

CATEGORY: Archery, Canoeing and Climbing

BINDING: Paperback / softback

EXTENT: 96 pages

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From a four-time world-champion freestyle kayaker comes the definitive guide to one of whitewater kayaking's most fundamental techniques: the kayak roll.

Eric Jackson's holistic approach to teaching the roll will give beginners the tools they need to feel confident in the water and help experienced kayakers bombproof their rolls for any situation.

He also teaches paddlers how to avoid tipping over in the first place by developing reliable high and low braces.
Learn how to enjoy kayaking safely and improve your skills with confidence.
  • Best practices for kayaking in all water conditions
  • Step-by-step instructions for learning and mastering the kayak roll and bracing
  • Advice and theory for teaching kayaking to others

In stock