Hoof Problems

Rob van Nassau

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ISBN: 9781905693009

PUBLICATION DATE: October 3, 2007

CATEGORY: Care & Stable Management

BINDING: Hardback


With the aid of over 1000 photographs, internationally renowned farrier Rob van Nassau looks at every of hoof care, describing in detail more than fifty common hoof problems.

The first part of the book looks at the foot from both an inside and outside perspective. It describes how to recognise good and faulty shoeing, explains the mechanics of the foot in motion, offers discussion on foot balance, illustrates the anatomy of the foot and limb alignment, and advises on how to keep the hooves healthy. The second part of the book takes an in-depth look at the many common ailments and conditions that affect hoof care and shoeing; each problem is clearly illustrated and accompanied by a straightforward description of the problem, its cause and the best treatment.

Please note: this is a brand new book, but there may be slight blemish to the jacket cover.