Healthy Honey Cookbook

Recipes, Anecdotes, and Lore, Second Edition

Larry Lonik

£9.95 £4.95


ISBN: 9780811711951

PUBLICATION DATE: April 25, 2013

CATEGORY: Food and Drink

BINDING: Paperback

EXTENT: 192 pages

Everything you wanted to know about honey is covered in Lonik’s Healthy Honey Cookbook. Updated with new facts and uses for honey from the National Honey Board, this is a great little gift for honey lovers. It includes over 200 recipes for beverages, salads and dressings, pickles and preserves, spreads, vegetables, breads, pies, pastries and candies and contains many fascinating details from legends and lore about honey to beauty treatments and a chapter on health and nutrition.

Some of the recipes included are:

• Honeycomb Pie
• Honey Lace Wafers
• Peanut Butter Honey Cookies
• Honey Ice Cream
• Moon Glow Chicken
• Honey N' Wine Ribs
• Glazed Onions and Carrots
• Honey Cheesecake
• Smooth Chili Con Carne
• Honeysuckle (Beverage)

Larry Lonik, a honey aficionado and morel hunting legend, shared his knowledge in books and videos, including the recently revised The Curious Morel (978-0-8117-1145-6).