Fly Fishing for Trout

The Next Level

Tom Rosenbauer



ISBN: 9780811713467

PUBLICATION DATE: November 18, 2016

CATEGORY: Fishing, Fly Fishing

BINDING: Paperback

EXTENT: 176 pages

Fly fishers often ask Tom Rosenbauer how they can take their angling to the next level, and in this his latest book, he expertly answers.

With forty years in the business, this lifetime fly fisher and fly tier, well-known Orvis marketing manager, and award-winning author knows that fly fishing is a sport, a pastime, and a passion that demands constant learning and that fly fishers thrive on making discoveries, solving puzzles, and improving all while they're out there on the stream, enjoying the anticipation and thrill of taking a trout. 

Whether you're new to the sport with perhaps one season under your belt or have been fly fishing for a lot longer, whatever your level of experience, you know and appreciate that there's always something more to learn. With Rosenbauer as guide, you'll learn how to understand what's going on in a trout's world, what makes them feed or not, and how to feel and be more proficient at this addicting pastime.
Fly Fishing for Trout:
  • Answers top questions asked by anglers looking to take the next step, including what trout eat and why, what time of day is best to fish trout, and where to find the biggest fish.
  • Delivers advice on casting and rigging techniques that are beyond the basic level taught in fly-fishing schools, but are essential if you want to be more successful.
  • Gives new clues on what to look for in the confusing array of current in the river, how the game changes with the seasons, how to develop a philosophy of fly selection, and what to do when first hit the river.
  • Provides hundreds of photos and videos of teaching tips in action. 

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