Feather Brain

Developing, Testing, and Improving Saltwater Fly Patterns

Drew Chicone



ISBN: 9780811711968

PUBLICATION DATE: August 1, 2013

CATEGORY: Fishing, Fly Tying

BINDING: Paperback

EXTENT: 168 pages

With Feather Brain, Drew Chicone has succeeded in illustrating not only the mechanics of his advanced tying techniques but more importantly the creative thinking that leads to the design and construction of a successful fly. I highly recommend and endorse Drew Chicone's Feather Brain. --Eric Leiser"Feather Brain is a great roadmap for tying better looking and better performing saltwater flies." --Jonny KingStep-by-step tying instructions and explanations of how the author designed 14 winning saltwater fliesInsights from nine top saltwater fly tiers, including Bob Clouser, Joe Mahler, Jonny King, Jon Cavel, Bob Popovics, Norm Zeigler, and Chris HelmTips on designing your own patterns, tying with saltwater materials, and fixing typical problemsLearn more at Drew Chicone's website, www.saltyflytying.com.