Favorite Rag Rugs

45 Inspiring Weave Designs

Tina Ignell



ISBN: 9781646010363

PUBLICATION DATE: April 14, 2023


BINDING: Paperback


Creating rag rugs has enthralled weavers for over a century. Now you, too, can recycle your favorite fabrics and transform them into unique rugs that will bring a striking personal touch to every room in your home. From stripes, checks, and rosettes to mosaic, twists, and diamond twill; from soft to sturdy, and subtle to statement-making, Tina Ignell's superb selection of rag rugs provides you a wealth of inspiration, conveniently paired with practical instruction. Inside, find:

- Six technique-based sections with 45 designs by 20 professional weavers

- Charts, illustrations, and color photos of finished projects

- Creative use of unusual materials, like lambskin, straw, and leather

- Specialty patterns, such as a round rug and a runner for a spiral staircase

- Instructions for finishing, including fringed and woven edges

- A bonus section of five different rugs woven on the same warp

- Resources and supplier contact information

Meet the author Tina Ignell

Tina Ignell is the head editor of Vavmagasinet, a Scandinavian weaving magazine. She is the author of Simple Weaves, Favorite Rag Rugs, and Favorite Scandinavian Projects to Weave, published by Trafalgar Square Books. Tina currently resides in Linköpin, Sweden.

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