Dry Fly Strategies

Paul Weamer



ISBN: 9780811739535

PUBLICATION DATE: October 14, 2021

CATEGORY: Fishing, Fly Fishing

BINDING: Hardback


While fish spend most of the time feeding under the water, when you can encounter them rising to take insects floating on the surface, the experience can define the essence of fly fishing.

In this no-nonsense, straightforward book, Paul Weamer—who has spent his life fishing technical dry-fly waters—breaks down the best methods, rigs, and fly patterns to catch more fish.

Meet the author Paul Weamer

Paul Weamer is Fly Fisherman magazine’s Mid Atlantic Field Editor and the author or coauthor of several fly-fishing books. He has been a professional fly tier, fly-fishing guide, and co-owner or manager of fly-fishing shops and guide services. Paul lives in Paradise Valley, Montana, where he guides fly anglers on the legendary trout waters that flow through Yellowstone National Park and Southwestern Montana.