Pilates for Equestrians (paperback)

Pilates for Equestrians (paperback)

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Now in paperback – how pilates can help you develop a more effective riding position.


Pilates is an invigorating and proven body conditioning method which helps to strengthen the core muscles used in riding, whilst simultaneously restoring the body's balance. In light of this Pilates for Equestrians is packed with colourful, easy to follow photographs, listing common rider injuries and niggles, with a list of core strengthening exercises to help maintain a more flexible, leaner, fitter body. 

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Sub Heading Achieve the winning edge with increased core stability
ISBN 9781910016015
Author Liza Randall
Binding Paperback
Extent 246 x 189 mm, 190 pages
Illustrations Colour throughout
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'A guide to how Pilates can help you develop a more effective riding position and achieve better competition results.' Horse
'As a Pilates virgin, I found her [Liza Randall] use of equestrian imagery and terminology engaging and easy to understand. The main section of the book is dedicated to specific exercises, most of which can be done without any special equipment like gym balls or bands. All of the exercises are explained clearly, with excellent accompanying photographs and a box detailing how the exercise relates to your riding. The exercises range in difficulty from orange (for Pilates beginners) through pink, yellow, green and beyond (does this sound familiar to the eventers among you?) so you can choose the appropriate level and work up. The book also covers key exercises which can be used to combat common rider faults such as crookedness, stiffness and involuntary movement, as well as exercises to target weakness in specific areas, such as the upper body and posture problems, like a sway back (in you, not the horse). I've thought about giving Pilates a go in the past - perhaps this book will give me the kick-start I need.' Horse & Hound

'Pilates for Equestrians shows how Pilates can benefit all horse riders - whether you're a leisure rider or a professional equestrian.'  Horse & Rider


'It's good to see a book on this subject directly aimed at the equestrian, although all would benefit from its simple wisdom.  With clear photos and explanations of the individual exercises this book could be a great help in improving the suppleness of the nation's riders!  As I write, with the New Year in its infancy, it would be eminently suitable for all those who have made a resolution to improve suppleness and core stability.'  British Horse


'Pilates has become a popular addition to a rider's training and fitness over recent years, but for those of us that cannot afford the time or money to attend weekly Pilates sessions, this book offers you the opportunity to practise Pilates moves in the privacy of your own home as and when you choose - and still reap the benefits... Liza identifies areas of muscle weakness and imbalance and as a rider suffering from tight hips, it was helpful to be told what exercises to try within the book.  It's indispensible for those looking to not only improve their seat but also their own safety in the saddle and with clear instructions and step by step photographs - plus exercises to try whilst mounted; you should soon start to see the Pilates famed results of improved balance and core strength.'  East Anglia Rider

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