Perfect Mind: Perfect Ride

Perfect Mind: Perfect Ride

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Dr Inga Wolframm demonstrates how to develop and achieve the right kind of attitude, motivation and mental skills to make the most of a riders abilities.




Possessing the right mind-set and relevant mental skills has long been considered vital in achieving top performances in all sports. And yet, to many riders mental fitness still remains something of an afterthought. In Perfect Mind: Perfect Ride, the author demonstrates how to develop and achieve the right kind of attitude, motivation and mental skills to make the most of the rider’s abilities whether it be riding as a recreation or as a competitive sport. Horses are highly sensitive flight animals – they’ll react first and ask questions, well, never...! In essence, this means that every time riders get on their horse, they need to be fully committed, aware and in control of their body, their thoughts and their emotions, in order to communicate with their horse in precisely the right kind of manner.

The combination of research in the field of sport and performance psychology and real-life examples contained in this book will help readers identify with and understand different topics. Current scientific theories surrounding sport and performance psychology are translated into practice, allowing readers to fully understand why they think, feel and act the way they do – and what they need to do to change it. Hands-on advice on how to develop relevant attitudes and mental skills will make Perfect Mind: Perfect Ride an essential companion for the rider wanting to get more out of the sport.

Foreword by Mary King MBE


Inga Wolframm holds an MSc in Human and Equine Sports Science and a PhD on psychological traits and states in equestrian riders from the University of Essex. Her research has featured in peer-reviewed journals and at international conferences. An accredited sport psychologist, she works regularly with riders ranging from those at grassroots up to international level. She is a senior lecturer in equestrian sport psychology at the University of Applied Sciences Van Hall Larenstein in the Netherlands, as well as at the University of Edinburgh (via an e-learning course). Her academic text book The Science of Equestrian Sports: Theory, Practice and Performance of the Equestrian Rider was published in 2013 by Routledge. She has written articles for numerous publications including Horse Sport International, Horse & Hound, The Horse, Horse and Rider, Le Cheval, Cavallo and is a regular contributor to the Chris Stafford Radio podcast, a very popular show with more than 300,000 listeners.

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Sub Heading Sport Psychology for Successful Riding
ISBN 9781910016046
Author Inga Wolframm
Binding Paperback
Extent 234mm x 156mm, 224 pages
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'I should say at the outset that its content will be valuable to anyone following any sport just for fun and self-fulfilment. Whether you have a positive or negative personality, I think you will find a good deal to interest, help and encourage you in this book. It is written in an easy-to-read, almost conversational style and gives many examples of how sport psychology has helped many well-known competitors overcome sometimes devastating difficulties, whether they have known it or not.' Tracking Up

'Hands-on advice on how to develop relevant attitudes and mental skills, making this an essential companion for riders wanting to get more out of the sport.'. Horse & Hound 

'Inga Wolframm's brilliantly readable, educational and engaging new book gives you a great tool, a starting point to sort your own attitude, develop mental skills that train your mind. It is also an insight into elements of a roadmap to essential mental qualities that any rider needs: commitment, focus, ability to deal with adversity, controlling moods, constructive approach to analysing performances.' Aspire Equestrian Riding Academy

'Inga gives a great insight into why sports psychology is at the cutting edge of equestrian sport and has lots of inspiring examples of how top riders have used it to their advantage, plus techniques for you to use to improve your own performance. Vital reading for all who compete!' Fiona Price, Horse Hero Founder

'Inga has written a new book, Perfect Mind: Perfect Ride, in which she shares many of the essential tools for preparing to be the best competitor you can be. While this title is aimed at equestrians the content applies to all sports and indeed many walks of life.' Chris Stafford, Women In Sport Podcast

'Read this cover to cover if you need to get your head in the game.' Equine Journal

'If you compete, buy this book, I cannot imagine that your results won’t improve. If you’re smart enough to take information directed at a particular goal and bend it to your own ends, buy this book, I cannot imagine that your life won’t improve!' Horsemanship Magazine 


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