On Your Shoot

On Your Shoot

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Invaluable reference tool for gamekeepers and those with an interest in running and managing a shoot


Liam Bell has experienced all the challenges of setting up and running a shoot, from creating the perfect environment, rearing game birds and controlling predators to managing a successful shoot day. Written in a friendly, informative style, On Your Shoot walks you through the tasks required to maintain a shoot of your own, providing practical tips, cost saving ideas and a guide to common pitfalls. A useful addition to every shooting man's library and an invaluable reference tool for gamekeepers, gamekeeping students, members of shooting syndicates and anyone with an interest in running and managing a shoot.

Chapters include:

Stock selection | Catching up | Predator control | Loading
Woodland management | Planning new drives | Game crops
Egg production | Incubation | Releasing ex-layers | Small-scale-rearing | Release pens
Partridges | Theft and poaching | Holding game | Getting ready | Running a shoot day
Winter losses | Duck | Wetland creation | Work parties | Tax and casual work


Liam Bell is the head gamekeeper at Millichope Park in Shropshire, a traditional family owned and run estate with a renowned high bird shoot. He is a regional chairman of the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation and is a judge for the shooting industry awards. He currently writes the popular ‘On your Shoot’ column in the Shooting Times and sits as one of their panel of experts on the ‘Sporting Answers’ page.

Book Specifications

Additional Information

Sub Heading A Practical Guide to Running Your Own Shoot
ISBN 9781846892110
Author Liam Bell
Binding Hardback
Extent 160 pages, 246 x 189mm
Illustrations Colour photographs throughout
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'Liam Bell's name will be familiar to Shooting Times readers as our gamekeeping contributor. In this well-designed book featuring friendly and down-to-earth advice on creating and running your own partridge and pheasant shoot. Topics covered include habitat management, gamecrops, stock selection, rearing game and managing a shoot day.' Shooting Times

'On Your Shoot by Liam Bell collates a wide range of relevant and interesting topics for all game managers, from those helping on a small shoot to those running a large number of shoot days each year, within a private or commercial situation. This is a well written handbook with a great degree of common sense which will be welcomed by all those involved in game management.' Richard Barnes, Kings Seeds

'If you buy a book with the sub-title: A practical guide to running your own shoot, that is what you expect. And Liam Bell's book does exactly what it says on the cover. From selecting pheasant poults to predator control, growing game crops to dealing with poachers, this book will find a place on the shelves of those who volunteer, or discover it has become their responsibility to make things on a shoot actually work.' Western Morning News

'The book will be a bible for shooting enthusiasts whether they are running their own shoot or having a day's shooting.' Ray Collier, Highland New Group

'Shooting Times contributor and Millichope Park headkeeper, Liam Bell, covers everything from bird breeding to habitat management.' Sporting Gun

His hardback book is called On Your Shoot and is full of knowledge, advice and tips from Liam’s long experience. It is billed as an invaluable reference tool for gamekeepers, gamekeeping students, members of shooting syndicates, and others interested in running shoots.' Toby Neal, Shropshire Star (read the full article here)

'A Comprehensive and practical guide to creating and maintaining a shoot.' Sporting Shooter

'An invaluable reference tool for gamekeepers, gamekeeping students, members of shooting syndicates and anyone with an interest in shooting, this guide runs through the tasks required to maintain a shoot of your own, providing practical tips, cost-saving ideas and a guide to common pitfalls. From stock selection, habitat management and predator control, to game crop establishment, holding game and running a shoot day, advice is offered in an informal and easy-to-read style.' Fieldsports

'Not surprisingly this book provides a mass of sensible advice and shared wisdom on running a shoot in 2015 Britain, including chapters on everything from rearing and releasing game birds to cost-saving ideas and how to deal with the tedious increasing levels of bureaucracy. Because the book has been thoughtfully planned and is so well sign-posted, you won’t have to spend hours getting to that useful titbit you are sure you can remember reading.' Shooting Gazette (read the full article here)


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