The Rider's Balance

The Rider's Balance

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Sylvia Loch teaches through illustrations and photos how each tiny shift of the rider’s weight will affect the horse’s balance.



This book is designed for all riders from the very novice to the most advanced. Sylvia Loch teaches through illustrations and photos how each tiny shift of the rider s weight will affect the horse s balance.

The weight aids are generally taught only to higher level students especially those learning the more advanced skills. Yet, by including them from the beginning, novice riders will develop a much greater understanding of their own bodies and abilities and those of the horse from day one.

In the Authors words...

The time has surely come to show all riders how their body-weight impacts on the horse for good or bad. Feel and balance should govern the whole ethos of equitation. In this book, I show through pictures how the giving of the aids can transform the horse in each and every movement so that our communication with this wonderful animal takes us to new levels of understanding and empathy.

About the Author

Sylvia Loch discovered classical High School riding in Portugal. In 1984 she founded the Lusitano Breed Society of Great Britain and was awarded an Honorary Instructorship by the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art. She trained with a Former First Chief Rider of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna and founded The Classical Riding Club in 1995.

Her previous Quiller title was the popular The Balanced Horse (9781905693856).

Book Specifications

Additional Information

Sub Heading Understanding the weight aids in pictures
ISBN 9781910016343
Author Sylvia Loch
Binding Casebound
Extent 159 pages, 246x189mm
Illustrations Colour photographs
Ebook Yes

''s not just a book of pictures and a few captions, it goes beyond that and really helps the reader to understand the horse's balance... You don't have to be a competitive rider to enjoy this book and learn from it.' — Northern Horse Magazine


'Excellent use of photos and illustrations with explanations get to the nub of how riders can use their weight, and the aid of gravity, to enhance their riding and help, rather than hinder, their horse in all paces and movements. While much is said and written about the rider's seat, this is the first book I've found that clearly and simply explains how weight can be used as a positive aid.' — Horse & Hound


'Finally, a book dedicated solely to how to sit on a horse. Thank goodness. Horses everywhere must be sighing with relief at the arrival of this wonderful book by the incredible horsewoman, Sylvia Loch. This is a book I will read again and again, one that I will use to gain a greater understanding of my riding. I know my riding and awareness will improve no end because of this knowledge.' — Jacqui Louise Broderick


'This book is a book for life, you can slip in and out of the sections dependant on what you need at the time or can read from cover to cover. You will always come away with moreknowledge, more understanding and the tools to implement.' — Emily Lloyd of EEquineUK, published on Haynet (Visit Haynet to read the full review)


'The chapter headings give an inkling of the scope of this book, but not of the minute detail and clairty of the explanations and expansions of each sub-topic, which slot it all into place. You will not be able to not use weight aids when you've read this book! If you only buy one book this year about riding, make it this one.' Gill Cooper, Tracking Up

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