Not Out of the Woods

Not Out of the Woods

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This book takes a seriously funny look at a notoriously unfunny game. 



Not Out of the Woods is a joyful account of three men and an undergraduate setting out to storm the citadels of golfing excellence from a starting point of absolute zero. The citadels may have remained largely unstormed, but the resulting adventures in 3 continents and over 18 months stand as a blazing testament to man's capacity to chase the unachievable and find purpose in hopelessness. 

Roger Morgan-Grenville is 58, with a handicap of 24, and a lifelong fascination of what it is that drives the human brain to participate in sport long after its attached body has walked off in the other direction. He remains banned for life from 2 golf courses. 


Roger Morgan-Grenville was a soldier in the Royal Green Jackets for nine years, during which time he served on five continents, and led the first expedition to successfully retrace Shackleton's extraordinary journey across the island of South Georgia. His principal career as manager of a kitchenware company reflects his passion for food, and he was also a founder, and first head fund raiser, for the charity Help for Heroes. He once appeared on Mastermind with the specialist subject Flanders and Swann, without ever troubling the second round. He is a passionate, but talentless, cricketer, and co-founder of the White Hunter Cricket Club, the subject of his books Not Our First Ball and Unlimited Overs. Roger is married and has two sons.

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Sub Heading A year of agony and ecstasy in golf's foothills
ISBN 9780956917614
Author Roger Morgan-Grenville
Binding Hardback
Extent 266 pages, 176 X 127mm
Illustrations No
Ebook No
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