Many Brave Fools

Many Brave Fools

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Many Brave Fools explores the ways in which horses enriched a woman's life. Author, Susan Conley recounts how horses gave her the fortitude to rid herself of the codependency that kept her trapped in a marriage ruled by addiction. With humour and honesty, Conley details how becoming a rider made her no longer feel like a victim, but instead a confident and courageous woman.



Codependency, a compulsive behaviour sometimes known as ‘relationship addiction’, is often characterised by a dysfunctional, one-sided relationship that is emotionally destructive— or even abusive.

For years Susan Conley found herself trapped; married to an addict whose health, welfare, and safety she valued far above her own.

Over time she watched as she lost contact with her own needs, desires, and sense of self. But then, at forty-two, after yet another crisis came to an anticlimactic resolution that left nothing healed and little to hope for, she decided, having never so much as touched a horse, to take up riding.

Here, with humour and honesty, Conley chronicles her experiences, sharing how her pledge to rediscover herself following her divorce was all at once aided, abetted, and challenged by the horses in her life. ‘They were as large a part of my recovery as any of the self-help books I read, personal development workshops I did, and 12-step meetings I attended’, she writes. ‘The struggle to heal the wounds of a dysfunctional marriage was actually made easier with the real wounds received from horseback riding’.

Many Brave Fools explores the ways in which horses enriched Conley’s life, and how the process of making herself into a rider also helped her become the person she most wanted to be: not the ‘ex-wife of an addict’, but a responsive, confident courageous woman, entering the prime of her life.

About Susan E Conley

Writer, Susan E Conley, has a Master of Philosophy in Irish Theatre Studies from the Samuel Beckett Centre, Trinity College. She also has an Honours Degree in Psychology, and a diploma in Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning. Conley is the author of three books: Drama Queen, The Fidelity Project, and That Magic Mischief. She lives in Dublin, Ireland. 

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Sub Heading A Story of Addiction, Dysfunction, Codependency... and Horses
ISBN 9781570768873
Author Susan E Conley
Binding Paperback
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