New titles for 2020

Posted on 26/06/2020 in Quiller news

We’re officially back — but with a slightly adjusted schedule for 2020! It’s with some disappointment that, due to Covid-19, we have had to postpone the production and publication of certain titles this year — but all is not lost, as long-awaited books, such as Rodger McPhail’s ‘An Artist by Nature’ and Giles Darby’s ‘Inside Allenwood’, will be back for 2021! In the meantime, we still have some exciting upcoming titles to look forward to for the rest of year. Our updated list for 2020 is as follows:

Cancer and Pisces by Mick May

In 2013, Mick May was diagnosed with the fatal asbestos-linked cancer, mesothelioma, whose average medical life expectancy is 10 months.

Seven years later he is flourishing, full of joie de vivre, with a long life-expectancy ahead of him. His case has made medical history and is giving new hope to a multitude of terminally ill cancer sufferers around the world. 

Mick’s medical journey makes for a fascinating read as it weaves from the pain of his many treatments to the pleasures of his frequent fishing trips to exotic British and International rivers. Threaded into this are snapshots of Mick’s creation and leadership of a leading offender rehabilitation charity; his deepening religious faith; his successful legal action against the merchant bank whose offices exposed him to asbestos in the 1980s; his chairmanship of a school ravaged by the 2017 Grenfell Tower fire tragedy, and the happiness of his family life with his remarkable wife and six children.

Due August 2020

Banksters: The Stolen Trillions by Alexander Lebedev

A revealing and controversial exposé of international white-collar crime.

Alexander Lebedev continues his investigation of ‘banksters’ (gangster-bankers) scams which he started in his autobiographical book, Hunt the Banker. Each chapter examines a different sophisticated fraudulent scheme whereby stolen billions are laundered in offshore tax havens and deposited in secret accounts with the major UK and US banks, invested in shares of blue-chip companies, and converted into mansions, yachts, private jets, works of art and luxury goods.

The topics covered include the cheating of their customers by supposedly respectable financial institutions in Europe and America, their complicity in laundering illegal proceeds of corrupt officials from all over the world, the financial pyramid schemes of Bernie Madoff and other mega-fraudsters, and black holes in the charity universe. Lebedev investigates the phenomenon of the symbiosis of ‘dirty money’ and the latest information technologies of the blockchain, which threatens the global financial system with a cryptocurrency apocalypse, and he describes the degradation of political elites inebriated by biased mainstream media and fake news stories.

Due September 2020

Wild Farming by Robin Page

As founder of the wildlife-friendly Countryside Restoration Trust, the author is convinced that Britain’s wildlife can be saved and nurtured whilst continuing the production of high-quality food.

He controversially addresses the concerns about re-wilding and climate change alongside solutions for bringing back wildlife, without diminishing the importance of these issues. This is a book about farming and wildlife, as well as the people who live and work on the land. It is about a rural cultural minority ignored in Britain, a country that ironically boasts of ‘inclusion’ and ‘diversity’, but which excludes and ignores those who they see as representing Britain’s rural past.

Due September 2020

Drink! by Bruce Anderson

Drink! is the title for an anthology of Bruce Anderson’s bi-weekly Spectator column of the same name that has become a hugely popular feature of the magazine over the last five years.

Divided into the four seasons, to track the change in the year, Drink! is a selection of fifty-two of Bruce Anderson’s favourite columns commenting on social mores, politics or the feeling of the man on the street and always written with a recommendation for a suitable alcoholic supplement to further add to the joy that makes so many enjoy reading Bruce’s work. Drink! includes a foreword by former Prime Minister David Cameron and is illustrated in colour by cartoonist, Lachy Campbell.

Due September 2020

85 Not Out! by Ted Dexter

The fascinating autobiography of Ted Dexter, the ferociously powerful and debonair cricketer who captained England in 1961–2 and who latterly became England’s Chairman of Selectors from 1989 to 1993 and then President of the MCC.

Dexter was a classical, hard-hitting batsman and right-arm swing bowler who achieved nine centuries and 27 fifties in 62 Test matches for his country. Competing alongside and against such great names as Fred Truman, Peter May, Colin Cowdrey, Richie Benaud and Garry Sobers, Dexter ended his Test career with 4,402 runs. He was also a consummate golfer and could have been a professional, having played with Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player. In 2001, Dexter was appointed President of the MCC, and served as Chairman of the establishment’s cricket committee until 2003. Forever known as Lord Ted, he was awarded the CBE in the 2001 New Year Honours. Since his retirement, Dexter has worked as a journalist and broadcaster and formed his own Public Relations company.

Due October 2020