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Presenting the most complete pictorial survey of caddisflies published to date, this detailed and thorough guide will prove to be an indispensable companion to any fly fisher. 



Now available in paperback In the first major work on caddisflies in three decades, Caddisflies presents the most complete pictorial survey of Trichoptera published to date. Author, angler, and photographer Thomas Ames Jr. travelled from the southern Appalachian highlands to the Canadian Maritimes to collect, study, and photograph more than 100 species in 55 genera and 20 families of the caddisflies that fly fishers are most likely to encounter on the lakes and streams of the eastern United States.

Based on thoughtful analysis, sound science, and many hours on the water collecting live insects and testing artificial flies, Caddisflies takes the myth and the mystery out of matching the hatch. Learn how you can use the ways in which these amazing insects have adapted to a wide range of aquatic habitats to predict which flies to choose. And learn how to present your flies when fish are feeding on caddisflies. Detailed descriptions and vivid photographs help identify the caddisflies on your favourite trout waters. This all-inclusive book includes advice on tackle and technique, with a comprehensive catalogue of pattern recipes.


Thomas Ames Jr. is a commercial photographer who lives, works, and fishes in northern New England, USA. He is the author of Hatch Guide for New England Streams and Fishbugs.

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Sub Heading A Guide to Eastern Species for Anglers and Other Naturalists
ISBN 9780811738163
Author Thomas Ames Jr
Binding Paperback
Extent 280 x 216mm, 320 pages
Illustrations 395 photographs
Ebook No
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