Lungeing and Long-Reining

Lungeing and Long-Reining

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Published in association with the British Horse Society - a step-by-step guide to training, exercising and suppling horses from the ground.



This latest edition of Lungeing and Long-Reining is a step-by-step guide to training, exercising and suppling horses from the ground, written by Britain's leading exponent of the art. Published in association with the British Horse Society this book begins with advice on handling untrained youngsters and works through a logical training progression, culminating in advanced dressage movements.

Straightforward guidance is given on: training foals and young horses, lungeing equipment and technique, introducing long-reins and early lateral work, backing and riding young horses, lungeing over poles and fences, piaffe and passage and more. Illustrated with specially commissioned sequence photographs, this book will prove particularly valuable in the early training of young horses, as well as in improving or retraining older horses, and refining dressage movements in advance horses.

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Sub Heading Published in Association with The British Horse Society
ISBN 9781872119533
Author Jennie Loriston-Clarke MBE FBHS
Binding Paperback with flaps
Extent 260mm x 210mm, 112 pages
Illustrations Colour photographs throughout
Ebook No

'A step-by-step guide to the art of training, exercising and suppling horses from the ground, by one of the world’s leading exponents of the art. Starting with training foals and young horses, Jennie works through to perfecting in-hand piaffe and passage.' Horse & Hound

'Often lunging is rushed through in the trainer s eagerness to get the horse going under saddle, which surely is the ultimate aim when a horse is being broken in. In this beautifully illustrated book Lorison-Clarke shows how lunging and long reining can be used to firstly establish the horse s basic education, but also how to use this with older, difficult horses. Loriston-Clarke s knowledge, and willingness to share this, shines through in the text of this book. It is written in an easy to read, no nonsense style that will make this book one that can be dipped into over and over again.' Irelands Horse and Pony Magazine

'The book is a must read for anyone training a young and/or inexperienced horse, I wish I'd have known a lot of the safety techniques when re-schooling an ex-racehorse we had to stay last Summer. 
Since reading I have a deeper understanding of lungeing - why we do what we do- and feel more confident and effective in my training. I have added a new string to my bow in the form of long reining...something I have only ever done once before and I am thoroughly enjoying playing with the technique in the safe confines of the school and as I gain experience I am looking forward to practising the more advanced moves to improve our suppleness.' Jessica Challenor, Haynet Blogger (read her full review here)


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