Knots & Ropes for Climbers

Knots & Ropes for Climbers

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How to tie 35 climbing knots with step by step illustrations


How to tie 35 climbing knots: step-by-step illustrations, easy-to-follow directions, when to use and not to use, and expert advice on selection and care of ropes.
Instructions for tying 19 fundamental climbing knots and 16 additional variations and using these knots safely and effectively. Each knot is carefully illustrated and its primary and secondary uses are described: joining harness to rope, rope to rope, or rope to anchor; belay knots; runners; rappel stoppers; backup and ascender knots.

1998 National Outdoor Book Award Winner


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Sub Heading No
ISBN 9780811728713
Author Duane Raleigh
Binding Paperback
Extent 203mm x 127mm, 96 pages
Illustrations 90 black & white drawings
Ebook No
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