Getting in TTouch with Your Dog New Edition

Getting in TTouch with Your Dog New Edition

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A positive, no-force approach to influencing your dog's behaviour, health and performance using TTouches


The bestselling book from Linda Tellington-Jones has been completely revised with new photographs and profiles. It offers a positive, no-force approach to training. Using a combination of specific TTouches, exercises and exercises over obstacles, a dog's performance and health is improved, common behaviour issues are solved, and physical problems are positively influenced.

When you think of you dog, what is the first characteristic that comes to mind? His gentle companionship, his good-natured bark when he sees a friend? Or, do you think of his 'bad habits' - jumping up on people, or the way he pulls when you go for a walk?


Linda Tellington-Jones developed the Tellington TTouch Training Method over 30 years ago, a positive, no-force approach to training in a way that effectively influences the behavior and character of animals and their willingness and ability to learn. She is the author of 11 books. Trainer, behaviourist, animal therapist, healer, inventor, author Linda Tellington-Jones has earned all of these titles over the course of her forty-year career with animals, and has become widely respected by others worldwide. Her Tellington TTouch Method are revolutionising the human-animal relationship and for many months of each year, she travels worldwide teaching her special methods of communication and training that allow people to relate to animals in a more compassionate way.

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Sub Heading A Gentle Approach to Influencing Behaviour, Health and Performance
ISBN 9781846891885
Author Linda Tellington-Jones
Binding Paperback
Extent 216 x 178mm, 128 pages
Illustrations 250 colour photographs
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'A very interesting and most easy to follow book on understanding and helping to connect with our faithful companions I have come across.' Dog Training Weekly - This text refers to a previous edition

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