Game Season

Game Season

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A unique collection of sporting lore and recipes and the magnificent illustrations make Game Season a must-have for all field sport enthusiasts.



All the UK's main game species are covered individually and there are chapters on grouse, partridge, pheasant, wildfowl, pigeons, rabbit, hare, venison, trout and salmon. Each chapter comprises a series of shooting or fishing adventures showing how each quarry species may be brought to the kitchen. There then follows recipes for each species by Angela Humphreys (author of the highly acclaimed Game Cookery). The recipes include cooking hints and both traditional and innovative ideas. The book is illustrated throughout with paintings and vignettes by the internationally-renowned sporting artist Rodger McPhail. The unique combination of sporting lore and recipes and the magnificent illustrations, make Game Season, a must-have for all field sport enthusiasts. 


John Humphreys was the author of 28 previous books and a regular contributor to Shooting Times, The Field and Country Life.
Angela Humphreys is the author of Game Cookery, published in 1986 and still in print.  
Rodger McPhail is an internationally acclaimed wildlife artist whose previous successful books for Quiller include Open Season, Fishing Season and Shooting Game Book.


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Sub Heading John Humphreys with recipes by Angela Humphreys and paintings by Rodger McPhail
ISBN 9781846890222
Author John Humphreys, Angela Humphreys & Rodger McPhail
Binding Hardback
Extent 284mm x 225mm, 192 pages
Illustrations Colour throughout
Ebook No

'This is an elegantly produced compendium of sporting memories, anecdotes and observations which would stand up on its own - with the collaboration of Angela Humphreys and Rodger McPhail, it is truly a treasure.' Shooting Times

'Game Season is an enjoyable read in itself, but in these straitened times it might become a kitchen essential.' Country Life

'John Humphreys takes us on a ramble through the countryside in this charming book that contains a mixed bag of recollections, reminiscences, recitations and recipes. Chapters cover the pheasant and wildfowl as well as hare, rabbit, deer, trout and other game. Humphrey's wife, Angela, has concocted recipes using the animal or bird as the main ingredients, so readers can enjoy tales of rabbits before indulging in chilli con coney, or try out venison terrine once they have become endeared to the story of a stag. More adventurous cooks can crow about baking rook pie or pike 'n' prawns. Painting lifelike animals is something Rodger McPhail has got down to a fine art, and the illustrations in this book are no exception - running hare, crouching partridge, drifting salmon or goose on the wing - every depiction is detailed and animated. This combination of stories, recipes and illustrations makes for a fascinating read; like every game season, you wont want it to end.' The Field

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