Dynamic Nymphing

Dynamic Nymphing

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A comprehensive and practical guide to nymphing tactics


Dynamic Nymphing is a comprehensive and practical guide to nymphing tactics. It covers the advanced tight line nymphing tactics, including the Czech, Polish, French, Spanish and American techniques, as well as including rigging and fishing dry and droppers, curly Qs, and conventional indicators and shows 62 nymph patterns. It touches on fishing the extremes from shallow water and cold weather to high water and wind, before finishing off with casting and technique sequences that include tuck cast, bow and arrow cast, as well as elevating and leading when tight line nymphing.

‘George Daniel is destined to become one of the United States’ very greatest fly-fishing talents. In my humble opinion there is no one better placed or equipped to take the modern reader into the world of the subsurface fly fisher. Daniel is one of the most authoritative and insightful anglers of his generation.’ Charles Jardine

‘Although he might never claim it, a compelling case can be made for George Daniel as the best fly-fisherman in the country.’ Charles Meyers, The Denver Post

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Sub Heading Tactics, Techniques and Flies from Around the World
ISBN 9780811707411
Author George Daniel
Binding Casebound
Extent 280 x 216mm, 240 pages
Illustrations 508 colour photographs and 57 b/w illustrations
Ebook No

'The publication's strong pictorial bias means that you are never overwhelmed by slabs of text and while there is a lot to take in, this book breaks it down in a very clear, logical sequence.  River nymphing can seem a daunting mystery to the uninitiated but George Daniel has provided the best way of solving it that this reviewer has so far seen.' Trout Fisherman

'George Daniels shares details on tactics and methods learned from knowledgeable fly anglers across the United States, as well as from his competitors throughout many other nations, enhanced by his own insights gained through experimentation and experience.  The book is a study of nymphing strategies - the material is not designed to be digested in just one reading.  It gives a thorough analysis of casting techniques, mending the line and choosing the flies that can best produce results if fished correctly, all presented in a technical manner.'  Irish Angler

'I cannot tell you how impressed I am with George Daniel's latest book...  I am struck not just at the author's all encompassing knowledge of the milieu of nymphing, but also his ability to put into words the often subtle nuances of the method.  Clearly, though I've never spent time on the water with the man, he must possess some Houdini-type fishing prowess!...  To be fair, this title will likely not be for everyone, most particularly those who are perfectly happy fishing a brace of Copper John's beneath a tennis ball-sized indicator in every situation they encounter. Frankly, those people are to be envied; but for the rest of us compulsive types who want to know all the whys, and hows, Dynamic Nymphing is "must" reading...".  Fly Fisherman magazine, USA

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