The Twelfth and After

The Twelfth and After

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First published in 1944, a classic of sporting humour



First published in 1944 The Twelfth and After was written while it's author J. K. Stanford served in North Africa and soon became a classic of sporting humour leading to it's many reprints. Including chapters written subsequently by J. K. Stanford, it forms the complete memoir of Colonel the Hon. George Hysteron-Proteron, known in his club as 'the old Grouse-cock' and one of the best shots in the country.

Filled with line drawings by V. H. Drummond, this is a light-hearted and often hilarious satires, tracing George Hysteron-Proteron's life from the time when he was still in his cot and he shot his Scottish nanny in the behind with a pea shooter.


J. K. Stanford, OBE, MC, (1892-1971) was educated at Rugby and St. John's College, Oxford. He served with distinction in both world wars finishing in 1945 as a Lieutenant-Colonel. Between the wars he was in the Indian Civil Service, for much of the time in Burma. He wrote 27 books, mostly on sporting subjects and ornithology, and was a regular contributor to The Field, Shooting Times and many other magazines. He was for a period Vice-President of The British Ornithologists Union.

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ISBN 9780948253003
Author J.K Stanford
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Extent 220 x 160mm, 127 pages
Illustrations Line Drawings throughout
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