Gamekeeping: An Illustrated History

Gamekeeping: An Illustrated History

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A fascinating book on the history of gamekeeping from the seventeenth century until present day


David Jones has written a fascinating and comprehensive book on the history of gamekeeping since the inception of the profession in the late seventeenth century until the present time. He writes about all aspects of gamekeeping with chapters on training, pay, cottages, gamekeepers in wartime, loaders and loading, lady gamekeepers, gamekeeping throughout the UK and Ireland and also overseas, especially in the days of the British empire. There is an interesting section on the moorland gamekeeper which includes the memories of George Grass of Ramsgill.  

Gamekeeping not only contains a large selection of historic illustrations depicting the gamekeeper's work, but also draws on oral and written testimonies from gamekeepers' collected by the author. It provides a unique insight into gamekeeping and has been written in order to provide an accurate record of gamekeeping in times past. This is something often neglected by other authors who have painted a much rosier picture of the gamekeepers life in bygone days, rather than a truthful one based on hard facts.


David S D Jones has been an archivist and historian for the National Gamekeeper's Organisation for over a decade and has written extensively on the subject of gamekeeping over the past thirty years, contributing numerous articles to all of the major British sporting titles. In addition, he owns the Gamekeeping Photographic Archive and the David S D Jones Photographic Collection. He is author of the widely acclaimed Sporting Estates of the Outer Hebrides - Past and Present, and Sporting Lodges (9781846891687) with Jeremy Hobson.


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Sub Heading An Illustrated History
ISBN 9781846891892
Author David S D Jones
Binding Casebound
Extent 246mm x 189mm, 240 pages
Illustrations Colour photographs and illustrations throughout
Ebook No

'Published in hardback and attractively designed, this fascinating book will be of interest to all who appreciate the role which game and gamekeeping have had in the development and management of the British countryside which we enjoy today.' - BDS Deer Magazine
'This is a book that every naturalist and shooting person should have on their bookshelf, as without an understanding of the history of the subject you cannot fully understand the subject today or in the future.' - Highland News Group
'Cleverly crafted, meticulously researched and generously illustrated by archive photographs, illustrations and gamekeeper's personal records, this substantial hardback is a must-read for anyone who's even remotely interested in game shooting and the countryside.' - Country Life
'Jones's comprehensive volume is enlightening, from the modern requirements for the job and the dedication it entails, to a look at the often gritty history of the gamekeeper. Chapters on lady gamekeepers, gamekeepers at home and abroad, those during wartime and from the great estates all demonstrate the gamekeeper's worth...A valuable addition to the sporting world's memory, but, one hopes, not its eulogy.' - The Field
'The book is unflinching in its approach to historical countryside management. There is no attempt to paint a nostalgic, rosy picture of the gamekeeper's lot in bygone days. Rather, it presents a unique insight into gamekeeping then and now, and has elements of a historic records tied in with personal accounts...Gamekeeping: An Illustrated History is an excellent work of reference, whether you are a gamekeeper, history student, social historian, or just interested in shooting life on a country estate.' - Sporting Rifle
'There are many other similar points of contact between those early gamekeepers and the men - and occasional women - who carry out the role today. But there are also many, many differences, as David S D Jones describes in this excellent and exhaustive history of a rural character never studied in such detail in print before.' - Western Morning News
'Steering away from the more rosier accounts of gamekeeping through the years, this book aims to provide a unique and truthful insight into the role. Descending from a long line of gamekeepers, author David S D Jones covers all aspects of the history of gamekeeping since the inception of the profession in the late 17th century to the present time.' - Sporting Shooter
'A noted gamekeeping historian, the author has been with the NGO for more than a decade now, and there is no questioning his inherent understanding of his chosen subject. This book is a remarkable collection of fascinating sources from the history of our sport...It's an extensive book with chapters including 'The Lady gamekeeper' and 'Gamekeepers in wartime'. The author has used archive photographs to ensure the book is illustrated superbly. Well researched and well presented, this is a treasure for anyone with an interest in the history of our sport.' - Shooting Gazette
'Gamekeeping not only contains a large selection of historic illustrations depicting the gamekeeper's work but also draws on oral and written testimonies from gamekeepers, contemporary newspaper cuttings and extracts from historic documents. David S D Jones writes about all aspects of gamekeeping, from training, pay and cottages to gamekeeping in wartime, lady gamekeepers and loading, all lavishly illustrated.' - Fieldsports

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