Cleaning and Maintaining Modern and Antique Firearms

Cleaning and Maintaining Modern and Antique Firearms

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Once again, firearms expert Bill Harriman shares his extensive knowledge in this BASC produced owner's manual.




In this book leading firearms expert Bill Harriman deals with all aspects of the cleaning and maintenance of the most commonly encountered types of sporting firearms. The book gives practical advice distilled from the author's 50 years' experience in shooting sports and gun collecting. The emphasis is on safety and value for money.

Cleaning materials and other consumables are discussed in detail as are the tools and implements necessary to maintain a gun's condition, reliability and value. The specialist techniques required for cleaning and maintaining every type of firearm are described, as are those for dealing with ancillary equipment. The book also covers how to mark and record firearms to discourage theft and to aid their recovery should they be stolen.

As the author remarks in his introduction: 'This book is not just about preserving wood and metal, it is about preserving heritage too.'

Topics covered will include:

• The pros and cons for each type of shotgun and the different bores.
• The pros and cons for the differenct types of rifle – bolt action, straight pull, semi-auto (.22) and calibres.
• Law and security and safety.
• Cleaning and routine maintenance – stock oiling, putting into storage.
• Patterning a shotgun , fitting a scope and zeroing.
• Basic introduction to ballistics – 1” high @ 100 yards etc – ballistic charts/drop/windage, etc.
• Charts and tables – velocities, bullet weights explained.

About the Author

Bill Harriman is a legal advisor, firearms forensic examiner and journalist and has written hundreds of articles over the last 25 years. He is the firearms and militaria expert on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow.

Book Specifications

Additional Information

Sub Heading A Concise Guide
ISBN 9781846892776
Author Bill Harriman
Binding Paperback
Extent 96 pages, 196 x 128mm
Illustrations Colour photographs
Ebook No
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