African Trails

African Trails

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Copiously ilustrated big game safari adventure in Southern Africa


African Trails is a copiously illustrated big volume covering the history of hunting in Southern Africa and the author s own impressive series of hunts, including on foot for the big five. In his unique, racy style, Col Allison takes you on safari when the so-called Dark Continent was still being settled, the tribes were at war and the explorer-missionary- hunters were astounded by the sheer volume of game. Generations later, the author takes you on a series of hunts in the modern safari heyday chasing Cape buffalo, lion and antelope; and ending on safari for the big five; a classic. The tell-it-as-it-is tale of the incredible highs and lows of the hunt in a land of mystique and majesty that today still teems with bite-back big-game.

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Sub Heading Big Game Safari Adventure in Southern Africa
ISBN 9780949114006
Author Col Allison
Binding Casebound
Extent 280mm x 220mm, 360pp
Illustrations Colour photographs
Ebook No

"Africa is the continent of legends, and African Trails brings these legends to the reader in a believable and charismatic manner.  Allison is a recognised authority on deer, big game and custom guns, and his encyclopaedic knowledge lends an effortlessness to his prose - he is naturally informative and authentic, allowing his gripping narrative style to come to the fore.  Even after 360 pages I was still longing for more".  Sporting Rifle

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