The Self-Coached Climber

The Self-Coached Climber

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A perfect program for advancing your climbing performance


A dynamic package of training material from a pair of expert coaches;The Self-Coached Climber; offers comprehensive instruction, from the basics of gripping holds to specific guidelines for developing a customized improvement plan. Hague and Hunter base their methods on the four fundamental components of all human movement--balance, force, time, and space--and explain how to apply these principles to achieve efficient results. The DVD presents live demonstrations of training exercises and features an original documentary of a 5.14a/b redpoint attempt by Adam Stack and Chris Lindner. Includes 52 practical training exercises designed to advance technique, detailed anatomical illustrations that explain climbing physiology and an 85-minute DVD that shows concepts in action.

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Sub Heading The Guide to Movement Training Performance Plus DVD
ISBN 9780811733397
Author Dan Hague and Douglas Hunter
Binding Paperback and 85 minute DVD
Extent 232mm x 184mm, 240 pages
Illustrations 50 illustrations, 150 colour photographs
Ebook No

'A refreshing perspective and a wonderful addition to any climber's library, The Self-Coached Climber fills an important niche in today's climbing literature. With technical explanations of kinesiology, anatomy and physiology and practical tips on movement and training, this book will help any climber, from the weekend warrior to the full-time professional. Readers will learn how to evaluate their own climbing and take steps to improve at their sport. It is the most comprehensive how-to-training guide. I strongly recommend The Self-Coached Climber.' Mia Axon, two-time US National Champion

'An amazing book, full of useful exercises to improve performance. Anyone who wants to move to the next level and benefit from reading it.' Russ Clune, first US climber to compete internationally

'Finally, a book and DVD that deliver the definitive view of what it means to be physically and mentally trained for climbing. As a coach, I am always looking for information to help build my team and clients into great climbers. This is the manual with all the essentials, by far the most thorough and up-to-date training resource.' Tyson Schoene 2005 USAC Junior National Team Coach, Vertical World Climbing Team Head Coach

'The Self-Coached Climber shares the secrets of modern training concepts practiced by the very best climbers.' Boone Speed, first American to redpoint 5.14b

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