The World of The Lurcher

The World of The Lurcher

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A fascinating history of lurchers in a beautifully presented hardback volume, lavishly illustrated throughout.


This book, Colonel Hancocks eighth, is about lurchers, the hunting dog of the humbler hunters. It covers not just the origins, uses, structure, breeding advice, blend of breeds and foreign counterparts, but the wide patronage of these hybrid talented hounds. Lavishly illustrated it covers many aspects of the lurcher scene for the first time. It is not a manual dealing with feeding, training, health concerns and rearing. It is a book for the hunter, the person more interested in what the lurcher does. No previous book has covered comparable hunting dogs abroad so fully; no other book on lurchers evaluates so deeply the value of the breeds contributing to this hybrid hound.


Colonel David Hancock MBE (not to be confused with the renowned lurcher breeder) has been studying dogs for over fifty years. He retired from the Army in 1983 when he became Director of the National Trust s Shugborough Estate. He has written a number of very successful books including The Mastiffs The Big Game Hunters, now in its sixth edition. He judges working terriers and working tests for gundogs. He is a regular contributor to Country Life, The Field, Countryman's Weekly and Dogs Today. No previous book covers comparable hunting dogs worldwide Sets out the essential physical and mental characteristics which make a successful lurcher.

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Sub Heading Their blood, their breeding and their function
ISBN 9781846890789
Author David Hancock
Binding 270 x 210 mm, hardback
Extent 192 pages
Illustrations Colour photographs throughout
Ebook No

"For anyone who wants to know more about the lurcher and its unassailable place in our sporting lives a copy of Hancock's book is a must... His research is meticulous and the history of these hunting hounds is fascinating... The composition of the lurcher - breeding, speed and preparation for the show ring - are covered in depth. The book is genuinely informative and interesting, not merely a pictorial history, although the illustrations and photographs throughout are wonderfully produced." The Field

"A fascinating, lavishly illustrated historical record of Lurchers through the ages, aimed at anyone with an interest in these beautiful canine athletes". Dogs Today

"Lurcher types, pedigree sighthounds and some hunting terriers from all over the world, past and present, are portrayed, with descriptions and illustrations of their use... We have come to expect a wealth of super illustrations accompanying Colonel Hancock's work and here is the great strength of this book with photographs, drawings, paintings and statues depicting hunting dogs enriching almost every page. It is a worthy addition to the shelves of any lurcher fan who would like to know more about the beginnings of our type of hunting dog." Countryman's Weekly

"This is a beautifully illustrated book... The chapers in particular cover the input from various breeds which is both informative and done in an interesting manner... The pictures, paintings, photos and illustrations are virtually included on every page and make the subject matter real and alive. Pictures from both historical times and modern times are used to give the reader a real sense of understanding of the literature used... I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and was fascinated by the mixture and depth of the type of dog and its progression through the years. A definite must for a lurcher/sighthound enthusiast or anyone really who enjoys a well written beautifully illustrated quality dog book." Dog Training Weekly

"Enjoying lurchers in all their talents, he takes us through a surprisingly extensive history of the purpose-bred, field-tested running dog... There is some fascinating information, notably on the early breeding of the whippet, and an abundance of illustration that shows the lurcher in all its forms has been with us for longer than many would think. This book deserves a place on the shelf of any lurcher fan who has an interest in the background to hunting sighthounds and their derivatives that we have today". Sporting Shooter

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