Distinguished Leaves

Distinguished Leaves

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Elizabeth Darcy Jones serves up a fragrant brew in this charming volume


Two of the recessions success stories have been loose leaf tea and poetry put the two together and you have poetea . Here professional writer, portrait miniature painter and Tea Poet, Elizabeth Darcy Jones, serves up a fragrant brew in this charming volume, celebrating different teas and tea people . Alongside descriptions of different tea types and hints about using loose leaf tea 37 different teas are described as characters, revealing their unique personalities in an accessible and entertaining way. Who wouldnot be tempted to discover her Mr Darcy of a tea?


Elizabeth Darcy Jones is one of a handful of tea poets in the world, perpetuating the ancient Chinese and Japanese tradition of writing poetry about the multi-faceted aspects of tea. Elizabeths first volume of poetry, Simply This, now sold out, was described by Tony Parsons as a delightful mixture of prose and poetry... . A former City voice coach for Cazenove & Co (and once described by The Daily Telegraph as its Queen Bee ), Elizabeth was commissioned to write the post-war biography of wartime S.O.E. coding genius, Leo Marks OBE. She regularly performs her tea and other poems in London, and was a featured guest at The Seven Dials Club as part of the London Alternative Fringe Festival in 2010.

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Sub Heading Poems for Tea-Lovers
ISBN 9781846891151
Author Elizabeth Darcy Jones
Binding Casebound, QP
Extent 165 x 130 mm, 80 pages
Illustrations Colour throughout
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'I was slightly wary when I got this book as I'm more into prose than poetry and (shock horror!), my house is a tea-free zone! Yet having read Elizabeth Darcy Jones' Distinguished Leaves, that could soon be about to change.  As one of the world's few 'tea poets', Darcy Jones, who hails from East Molesey, has written a delightful collection of poems celebrating 37 varieties of loose leaf tea, the national beverage, that got us through two World Wars! Perfect for the tea-lover in your life, there is much to
entertain here. It's impossible not to be engaged by the sly post-coital humour of Lover's Tea, which 'marks the end of steamy sex', or the stylish imagery of Genmaicha (a green ta with toasted brown rice) that in Darcy Jones's imagination is a 'beguiling and smiling 'Japanese girl 'reflected in the sunshine of tea I'm drinking'. Darcy Jones has put together a deliciously witty and inventive collection with the additional masterstroke of a foreword by the actor Nigel Havers, the perfect Earl Grey.' Juliette Foster, Surrey Life, September 2014

'Delightful little volume by a real tea poet, celebrating different teas and 'tea people.' The Bookseller

'...she's not just any bard, she's Elizabeth Darcy Jones, Britain's tea poet, and she can talk about tea faster than you can drink it.' Evening Standard

'The title Distinguished Leaves: Poems for tea lovers certainly has an allure that encourages the reader to turn the pages. But poetry about tea? Could there be many ways to express the experience of tea in a poem? Elizabeth Darcy Jones proves there can. In the foreword by Nigel Havers he confesses a macho indifference to tea until recently when he was "converted" to tea and found it a great companion. Earl Grey Tea is compared to Nigel in one of the enchanting poems... a book any self respecting tea lover should have on their book shelf.' Tea Magazine

'Reviving a centuries old tradition of writing poetically about tea, Elizabeth Darcy Jones' delightful and often seductive verse is catching attention across the world.' UK Tea Council

Britain has a Tea Poet. How cool is that? And she regularly attends afternoon tea at the Chesterfield Mayfair hotel where she entertains guests with "sip-sized" portions of tea poetry about your favourite tea.' About.com

'Did you know Britain has a Tea Poet? She is Elizabeth Darcy Jones and her enchanting verse about tea comes out in a book, Distinguished Leaves, which will be launched at The Savoy this month. The seductive poems uplift and delight - just like good tea - and that charmer Nigel Havers has written the foreword.' The London Magazine

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