Dishes with Dashers

Dishes with Dashers

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Based on the author's successful cookery courses and demonstrations, and with its quick, slick recipes using seasonal ingredients, Katie's book is about good food with an innovative twist. 



Based on the author's successful cookery courses and demonstrations, and with its quick, slick recipes using seasonal ingredients, Katie's book is about good food with an innovative twist. Packed full of information and advice on the art of entertaining, picnics, al fresco dining, as well as the cook's larder and equipment, Dishes with Dashers will inspire anyone who loves to entertain delicious, unusual parties with minimum fuss. Some of the quick, slick recipes included within the book are: a speedy summer gazpacho salmon with red cabbage and red wine sauce elderflower jelly with summer fruits crème brulée with plums a herb crusted rack of lamb a thai beef salad and pork tenderloin with flageolet beans and a tarrogan cream sauce.


Katie Dashwood is a self taught cook and cookery writer, well known as a hostess. Her style is designed to help those with busy lives to cook and entertain in a slick and stylish manner. A regular follower with the Heythrop and Irish packs. 'For me cooking is all about the four S's: savvy sourcing of ingredients; supporting local suppliers; seasonality; and simplicity'.

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ISBN 9781846890376
Author Katie Dashwood
Binding Laminated board
Extent 210 x 210mm, 192 pages
Illustrations Colour illustrations throughout
Ebook No

'In all, a sensible and highly personal aid to party givers, ideal for nervous newly-weds and other novices to the tyranny of the conventional dinner party, which has by no means died out. A fine starter, too, for family cooks. The emphasis is very much upon making something manageable so that the evening is spent with guests rather than the oven or sink. Whether planning a kitchen supper or extravagant dinner party, you can source sauces and poach ideas from this to ensure that you don't make a meal out of cooking for guests. Not only are there useful tips from the sink with hints on how to add a twist to recipes. Dashwood also introduces ideas for welcoming guests with the right atmosphere. Lighting, ambience and table decoration are covered, with tips on everything from cutlery to use to what fragrance of candle to burn. You'll soon be dining with dash and panache.' Country Life

'Katie Dashwood is a cookery writer with a difference in that she not only creates unusual dishes but she also organises dinner parties for clients and friends. Dishes and Dashers offers a range of recipe ideas based on the need to provide "quick, slick" dishes so the book is really aimed at the cook who does not have al the time in the world. The book emphasises heavily the need to use fresh seasonal produce and there is an impressive range of soups and starters, fish game meat and poultry.' CLA Land & Business

'This book by accomplished Aga cook Katie Dashwood is such an entertaining read and a perfect buy with the fesitive season fast approaching. It's packed with quick and slick recipes to help you entertain with style but is so much more than a cook book. A self-taught cook, Katie stages cookery demonstrations, many from her Cotswold home, and aims to help others share her culinary vision, creating original fare based on more dash than cash. The book starts with a general introduction to the art of the party, with Katie's personal insight into what makes a party go with a swing - certainly not the harassed hostess spending all evening slaving over her hot oven. The book does contain recipes though and very tempting they are, with sections divided into soups, starters and salads, kitchen suppers in kitten heels (a perennial favourite of the Aga owner), delicious sounding puddings, sauces, standbys and sides and picnic fare. The recipes are simple to follow and most also include a little tip from Katie, many also include a little tip from Katie, many of which can be incorporated into your general cooking repertoire.' AGA Living

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