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Hot Barrels!

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Hot Barrels! has a wide appeal to anyone involved in shooting. It is fascinating, fun and informative, as it examines the reality and myths connected to shooting and the shooting day. Hobson provides answers both from his own observations and from the experiences of others, which he hopes will be well shared around the shoot lunch tables, or whilst sitting on a bale in a barn eating sandwiches.



With wide appeal to anyone involved in shooting, this fascinating, fun and informative book covers the reality and myths connected to shooting and the shooting day. Brilliantly illustrated throughout by famed cartoonist Bryn Parry, this book is perfect for all country sports enthusiasts and reveals the superstitions of game Shots, extraordinary experiences in the field and exposes both the fallacies and truths behind many commonly-held beliefs. Can, for instance, a grouse fly faster than a partridge? Does a pheasant’s hearing become more astute as the shooting season progresses? Why was Napoleon once chased by Rabbits?

There’s no doubt that this, at times, somewhat quirky tome will be of widespread interest to all who love being out in the shooting field at no matter what level. Well researched, and with outstanding tongue-in-cheek illustrations, Hot Barrels! is sure to inform, amuse, entertain and educate.

Author: J C Jeremy Hobson

A professional freelance writer, author and journalist for almost two decades, Jeremy Hobson’s subject matter is generally rural-based, on field sports; farming; smallholdings; chicken-keeping and working dogs. This is his fifth book for Quiller, the others being The Shoot Lunch; Success with Chickens; Sporting Lodges and the highly acclaimed The Imperfect Shot. Jeremy lives in Hampshire.

Illustrator: Bryn Parry

Bryn Parry was the naughty schoolboy doodling in the margins of his textbooks. He drew cartoons while serving in the army and finally decided to turn his hobby into a living. His work will be instantly familiar to anyone who shares his passion for the countryside, shooting and badly behaved dogs.

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Sub Heading Shooting Superstitions, Facts and Fallacies
ISBN 9781846892462
Author J C Jeremy Hobson
Binding Hardback
Extent 246x189mm, 192 pages
Illustrations Colour illustrations by Bryn Parry
Ebook No

'Hot Barrels! is another collection of facts, lore, myths, anecdotes, practical tips and historical accounts from the world of shooting and country sports, assembled by Jeremy Hobson. Some of the content will be familiar to shooters, but having a miscellany of bite-size titbits loosely presented by topic in chapters allows the reader to dip in randomly with the confidence that he or she will always find something to amuse, inform or surprise. Among superstitions, the author reveals: “Some knife owners believe that you should never close a knife (either folding it in or putting it back in its sheath) if someone else has opened it, because it is bad luck. Some have apparently even given knives away just because this happened.” The book would make a great stocking filler, and something to place by the bedside or in the smallest room for casual entertainment rather than a solid read. Jeremy Hobson is a shoot captain and former gamekeeper who has written extensively for the shooting press, including articles in S&C. The witty illustrations by Bryn Parry complement his text admirably.' - BASC

'I DON'T know how the Quiller publishing house manage to persuade such well-known and illustrious artists and cartoonists to illustrate their books but I'm so glad they do... Hot Barrels! will certainly bring a smile to your face. There's much of Hobson's trademark quirkiness in evidence, plenty to learn and lots of 'I never knew that' information contained within its 192 pages.' -- Guy Williams, The Countryman's Weekly 

'Appealing to any country sports enthusiasts, this fascinating, fun and informative book explores the myths and realities connected with shooting and the shooting day. With answers to almost any question you've ever had about the shoot day, superstitions are exposed, facts separated from fallacies, and theories expounded in this quirky exploration of the sport. Well-researched and wittily illustrated by famed cartoonist Bryn Parry, it's a book bound to amuse and educate.' - Countryside Magazine

'Hot Barrels! is as fun as it is informative, writes Matt Clark. Bryn Parry's superb cartoons bring this book alive, giving it a real character. As the subtitle suggests, you are taken into the dark and mysterious world of shooting superstitions, which many of us can relate to. For example, are you one of those Guns who believe that that if you don't connect with the first two shots, the rest of the day's shooting will be a washout? This fascinating book also gives plenty of practical advice on all sorts of topics drawn from Jeremy Hobson's sporting experience and wide reading... No matter how long you have been shooting, there is something in this book that will surprise, inform and educate you. It would be an ideal gift for a sporting person, or an excellent way to sit and read in front of a roaring fire.' - Matt Clark, Sporting Gun

'For anyone involved in shooting, Hot Barrels! will delight, intrigue, and amuse. Bryn's brilliantly crafted cartoons are instantly familiar and provide a perfect match to Jeremy Hobson's well-researched and executed narrative.' - NGO, Keeping the Balance

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