Stalking Muntjac

Stalking Muntjac

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Not just a comprehensive book about stalking munjac but also designed to encourage its responsible and humane management


Introduced to Britain from its native China in the nineteenth century, Reeves’s muntjac has spent the past hundred years colonising southern and eastern England. Its phenomenal success has sometimes brought it into sharp conflict with those who make their living in the countryside, with conservationists and road users alike. As a result, and with no natural predators to control their numbers, muntjac must be managed.

To the deer stalker this presents a new sporting opportunity, for though they may be the smallest of our deer species, muntjac are nonetheless a challenging and absorbing quarry to hunt. In this book, Graham Downing has outlined their origin and spread, and explained in detail their natural history before sharing his experiences of muntjac stalking. He covers the pursuit of muntjac on foot, the use of high seats and calls, and even the rare opportunity to stalk barking muntjac by sound alone. For the stalker who is interested in trophies there is advice on the preparation and measuring of heads, while nobody who enjoys locally sourced food, fresh from the countryside, can fail to be enthused by his notes on muntjac cookery.

This is a book about stalking muntjac, but it is also a book designed to improve understanding of this fascinating species and to encourage its responsible and humane management.


Graham Downing has been a regular contributor of more than 30 years to Shooting Times, The Field, Sporting Gun, Shooting Gazette, Shooting & Conservation and other similar titles. He has detailed practical knowledge of deer and deer stalking issues and was appointed editor of ‘Deer’, the journal of the British Deer Society, in 2003. His previous Quiller titles include The Deer Stalking Handbook (978-1-84689-183-0), Practical Woodland Stalking (978-1-84689-075-8) and the Natural History of Deer chapter from Deer: Artists’ Impressions (978-1-84689-184-7).

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Sub Heading A Complete Guide
ISBN 9781846891854
Author Graham Downing
Binding Casebound
Extent 246mm x 189mm, 192 pages
Illustrations Colour photographs throughout
Ebook No

'For the non-stalker the first three chapters are the interesting ones. For the many stalkers in the Highlands there are chapters on Stalking Practicalities, View from a High Seat and A Feast of Muntjac. The last named is very interesting as it is devoted to eating muntjac and is compared with the venison of other deer in the Highlands. Many of the recipes can be used on the other species, so this is one for the cooks out there...The photographs are outstanding by any standards and are some of the best of wild mammals I can recall seeing.'  Highland News Group


'We can only learn by experience and Graham's excellent book is a good starting point for the novice and will certainly increase the knowledge and fill in a few gaps for the more experienced stalker.' Countryman's Weekly


'The author of this new guide, clearly highly experienced in this field, discusses everything from high seats, calls and head measuring to the natural history of this remarkable species. His emphasis on the need to control muntjac numbers humanely will be widely welcomed. There is a fascinating section on the culinary delights of muntjac with a number of practical, delicious sounding recipes. There is also a short section on making jewellery from muntjac tusks!' CLA


'At a time when this small, secretive and admittedly invasive deer is unfairly denigrated in some circles, Stalking Muntjac comes as a timely celebration of the species and its particular attraction to the stalker...This book is over 180 pages of reading enjoyment, written with warmth and authority, and packed with tips and advice for novice and expert alike. It is very attractively produced and lavishly illustrated with some truly superb photographs as well as a number of delightful pencil drawings. It comes thoroughly recommended and will have a valued place on any stalker's bookshelf.' BDS Deer


'Claiming that this book is comprehensive is an understatement. Alone the first few chapters are worth the complete price of the publication. Graham explores the arrival of the muntjac in England, its history, behaviour, and the conflict surrounding it as an introduced species. His claims are exquisitely researched and backed by practical experience...Hunters, non-hunters, game managers, and nature enthusiasts would all benefit by reading this book.' Jagdzeit


'For the stalker who is interested in trophies there is advice on the preparation and measuring of heads, while his notes on muntjac venison are sure to inspire game cookery enthusiasts. Stalking Muntjac is a book designed to improve understanding of this fascinating species and to encourage its responsible and humane management.' Sporting Shooter


'There isn't much that Graham Downing doesn't know about stalking...Often cited as the tastiest of all our six species in the UK, the author offers a fabulous chapter entitled 'A feast of muntjac' which will have you drooling over the pages in no time. Recipes for every part of the animal from the heart to the haunch provide the greatest reason for all to get out there and bag one of these mysterious beasts.' Shooting Gazette


'A book which not only offers a great read for those interested in stalking muntjac, but is also designed to improve understanding of this fascinating species and encourage it's responsible and humane management.' Fieldsports


'An authoritative guide on all aspects of living with and hunting the muntjac, this book is nevertheless accessible and easy to get into - everything is clear and well explained, and the author's respect for this little deer is evident in every chapter of this well-illustrated compendium.' Sporting Rifle

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